Steem SEA Contest (Part 39th): Betterlife| Act of Kindness in the Parking Area #2 @jes88 by jes88

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Steem SEA Contest (Part 39th): Betterlife| Act of Kindness in the Parking Area #2 @jes88
<center>*If we are on trial today for a benefit done to a sick man, as to how this man has been made well, **Bible Verse Acts 4:9**</center>*


Greetings with love to all Steemians. How are you? I have been thinking to my friends whom I visited last charity events, contacted them and asking about their life. Do you remember my friend, Julie? Check this [post]( as your reference.

I need to meet her again due to his needy time. She's one the thousand affected of the global pandemic and experience unusual poverty in our country. I told you in my previous that her partner was looking a job, but unfortunately still seeking and never been hired as of this post. It is also a hard time for her looking a job,too. When I contacted her through Messenger, they don't have something for meal on that day. 

I cannot afford only to listen her needs, since I am bless in this platform, I immediately take actions to save their meals for days of survival. I planned to meet her at the parking area near our church. I remember my other charity event happened in this area, so I feel blessed to do this again in the same place.


She told me that they need to survive for more days before they fly to Manila for job offers for the both of them. With the help of my mother and her sari-sari store, she helped me to prepare the bundle of joy for my friend.


Since they still don't have complete cooking materials, 
I choose to give easy-to-cook food for them, and some detergent for washing clothes. My mother listed the goods that I get from her store because I need to pay her because it is her business and I am also helping her to earn from this charity. Below the picture are the prices from her store;


* 5 kilo of white rice- 250.00
* 3 packs of noodles - 30.00
* 2 cans of sardines - 40.00
* 1 can of beef loaf- 35.00
* 1 can of corned beef - 20.00
* 2 packs of misua - 10.00
* 3 packs of odong - 9.00
A total of **394.00 Philippine peso** equivalent to **8.4$ US dollar.**

She has a pure happiness when she opened the top box of my little scooter and saw the bundle of joy that we prepared for her. She did not expect that I'll come back again with another bundle of joy. But I told her that in Steemit, I can share my blessings to those who need it.


Since its been a long the last time we talk, I ask a little time to her for a short talk about her life. I have to share the platform,Steemit, to her. We plan to meet again before he leave our city to give more details about the platform.


Because we had a little talk, it become darker outside, so she needs to go home to prepare their dinner. Indeed, it is another day to give hope to someone. The happiness that she feel is more than a payment for me, seeing my friend surviving in this hard times of life.

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