How does "The Pattern of Time" improve the ability of in-depth thinking? by deluvax90

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How does "The Pattern of Time" improve the ability of in-depth thinking?
<p>How do you improve your inner thinking skills? Introducing two easy-to-use methods that can be practiced anytime, anywhere.</p>
<p>    <strong>First, free writing</strong></p>
<p>    If you are afraid of writing, you can try free writing. Responding to the problem at hand, write as quickly as possible, write whatever you think, without having to worry about whether you write it well or use the right words.</p>
<p>    For example, you might start with: Why do I want to practice writing? Then write down what comes to your mind. For example, I want to practice writing, because I want to use writing to record life, write down what I think, think, hear, and see. Besides, I want to practice my thinking skills, writing can force thinking ... just like that, I write freely and freely. Write down the voices in your mind one by one.</p>

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<p>    Set the timer for 10 minutes yourself. During these 10 minutes, don&#x27;t stop and write quickly. Writing and writing, you can not only write clearly yourself, but also find difficult solutions.</p>
<p>    Freewriting, as the name suggests, is an almost seamless way of writing. Are there any rules for free writing? The following rules actually help you to break free from the shackles of everyday writing and write more freely.</p>
<p>    Write non-stop, write fast. Don&#x27;t stop to reread, and don&#x27;t pause.</p>
<p>    Don&#x27;t delete it. Even if what you write isn&#x27;t what you originally intended to write, don&#x27;t erase it, just let it be.</p>
<p>    Don&#x27;t worry about typos, punctuation, and grammar. Write true thoughts deep in your heart.</p>
<p>    Whenever you have a problem, you can use free writing to write down your inner thoughts.</p>
<p>    If you can spend 10 minutes a day and use freewriting to sort your thoughts, your thinking skills will improve as things continue like this.</p>
<p>    If you can&#x27;t spare 10 minutes in a row, try the one minute fast thinking method.</p>
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<p>    <strong>Second, brainstorming on A4 paper</strong></p>
<p>    There are some similarities between brainstorming on A4 paper and “free writing”, this is also a quick process of writing down the ideas that are in your mind one by one on A4 paper. When writing, you can&#x27;t take the time to slow down. A4 sheet of paper should be written quickly in 1 minute.</p>
<p>    Put a sheet of A4 paper horizontally in front of you, write topics on each paper, write 4-6 lines per page, 10-20 characters per line, and control the time spent on each sheet of paper in 1 minute, and write 10 pages per day, Which means spending 10 minutes a day.</p>
<p>    Once you persist in doing it for 3 weeks to 1 month, you can immediately think of a solution when you see the problem. If you persist for a few more months, you can look at the problem from a macro perspective at a glance, and gradually approach the realm of &quot; <strong>zero second thinking</strong> .&quot;</p>
<p><strong>How to write a brainstorm on A4 paper?</strong></p>
<p>    Write the title. The headline can be anything that bothers you, or any question that comes to your mind.</p>
<p>    For example about work, you could write: How can you increase work efficiency? How to prepare the content for the next meeting? How can we improve communication with other departments? Why is my job always interrupted?</p>
<p>Regarding planning for the future: what do you want to do? What are you really good at? Which field is suitable for me? How to plan blueprints for the future?</p>
<p>    After the title is written, it is time to write the main body text. Write 4-6 lines in text, 10-20 words per line. When writing, you can write whatever you think of. You don&#x27;t need to think too much, just write down your most original feelings, and don&#x27;t think too complicated. Also, like freewriting, there is no need to consider word selection, punctuation, formatting, etc.</p>
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<p><strong>The advantages of A4 paper brainstorming</strong></p>
<p><strong>    1. Record inspiration over time</strong></p>
<p>    You can practice this way anytime, anywhere. Any idea in the brain can be written down immediately. Sometimes the thoughts in your brain will get sidetracked if you don&#x27;t write them down. Better to take a minute to write down those thoughts and then move on to doing the things that are there. This way, things don&#x27;t get delayed, and ideas can be recorded at any time.</p>
<p>  <strong>  2. Think deeply, not on the surface</strong></p>
<p>    Ask yourself three &quot;whys&quot; when you come across something, and answer each why on an A4 sheet of paper. By constantly asking yourself &quot;why&quot;, dig deeper to discover the truth.</p>
<p>    Keep asking yourself &quot;Why is this?&quot; &quot;Why this happened?&quot; &quot;Why do I have to do this?&quot;</p>
<p>    By constantly asking yourself &quot;why&quot; and digging deep into your heart, you are also forcing yourself to think and make independent judgments. This process is also a process of increasing &quot;analytical capabilities&quot;. At this rate, the ability to think will definitely increase.</p>
<p>    <strong>Freewriting and brainstorming methods on A4 paper can not only train thinking skills, but also generate emotions.</strong></p>
<p>    The human brain cannot be separated from the heart, the heart is chaotic, and the brain cannot work properly. Therefore, if you come across something that makes you emotional, it&#x27;s better to stop, take 1 minute, write down the problem, and analyze why you have that emotion.</p>
<p>    The &quot;free writing&quot; and &quot;A4 paper brainstorming&quot; methods are simple and easy to use. The tool only requires paper and a pen, but the effect is really good.</p>
<p>    Practice for 10 minutes a day, keep practicing, and hold on for a long time, and your thinking skills will improve.<br/></p>
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