Despite having love for many reasons, a relationship can be broken.πŸ’• by jahidchoto

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Despite having love for many reasons, a relationship can be broken.πŸ’•
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In many cases, this is not the case. Despite having love for many reasons, a relationship can be broken.

# 1. Showing extra possession
If there is excessive possession in everything, if there is skepticism, the relationship is ruined from the beginning. When a man wants to be tied tightly, naturally his mind slowly starts to get out of the relationship, and he starts to lie. In fact, just as it is important to have a spiritual bond with each other, it is also important for each person to be individual.

# 2. Not giving personal time
Every human being needs some personal space or personal space and time; No matter how close he is to you! If you, as a half-partner in a relationship, claim the full time of a person, insisting that his world revolves around you, then that is utter nonsense and undoubtedly oppressive on the person in front! So let the people closest to you spend some time of the day with yourself. Personal space is essential for mental well-being, and indirectly for improving relationships.

# 3. Friends of the other, not to spend time with family
If you expect, (primarily marital, spouse) that your life partner's time is just your right, he or she can't have a relationship with his or her own friends or family, or he or she can't spend time with them, However, the chances of your relationship being sweet are slim! Good relationships with family and friends are very important for good mental health. And if a person is not mentally healthy, he will never be able to maintain a good relationship.

# 4. Excessive authoritarian behavior
About two people are of equal importance. It is very important to respect each other's opinions, decisions and ideologies. But if one thinks that every decision of the whole relationship will be according to his opinion and wants to have complete control over the life of the partner, then the other cannot express the right opinion. One person's overly authoritarian behavior can be a major cause of relationship breakdown.

# 5. Use of disrespectful sentences
Arguments and quarrels are normal. But if during a fight one person constantly speaks disrespectfully to the other, abuses and uses words that hurt the person in front of him, it does long-term damage to the relationship. Maybe the cause of the monomalignment is gone very soon, but the words that come out of the mouth cut a scar in the mind of the person in front, which may not go away very soon!

# 6. Threatening to harm him or himself
Although blackmail achieves an immediate goal, it is not possible to improve a relationship in the long run. So threatening to harm yourself or others if something like your own doesn't happen, or if you don't get something, is the same as killing a relationship with your own hands! If anyone has this habit between the two present in the relationship, the consequences of that relationship are very unlikely to be happy!

# 7. Constantly blaming or insulting
Every human being present about beauty goes forward in all areas of life. But if it happens that one person in the relationship is constantly blaming the other for something, belittling it, trying to hold it back, maintaining that relationship means a loss of self-esteem!

# 8. Showing unrealistic needs:
No human is perfect, everything in life will never be like your mind. About If you expect everything perfect from your partner, or expect something from him that is not possible for him, then your unrealistic needs will harm your real life.

# 9. Constantly comparing
Comparison is a thing that is enough to ruin any beautiful relationship. No one on earth is like anyone else and everyone has both faults and virtues. But if you compare one person with another, you can never be happy in life.

# 10. Not giving importance to the existence of others
Taking the relationship or the person present in the relationship β€˜for granted’ and not trying to do anything for the relationship, gradually destroys the relationship. The mentality of "he is there, and he will be there" - keeps us from working for our relationship. But in fact, every relationship is beautiful through small actions.
Many times the relationship that is the cause of our emotional damage, it is not the fault to come out of that relationship! Having these habits within ourselves, by giving them up quickly, we can keep our relationships good.

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