Husband and wife "sleep in separate beds" for a long time, is the married life okay? 3 people who came over said what they were saying by kawasanz

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Husband and wife "sleep in separate beds" for a long time, is the married life okay? 3 people who came over said what they were saying
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<p>Regarding the problem of couples sleeping in separate beds, I recently received several cases from readers, from which I found a very important point: once a partner starts sleeping in separate beds, for whatever reason, it will always consume feelings. between couples.</p>
<p>I often hear people say: &quot;A little difference is better than a newlywed&quot;, but husband and wife separation is not a separation in the traditional sense, but life under one roof, but they have lost emotional communication with each other. Married life brings inevitable troubles.</p>
<p>Especially when you are accustomed to this separation lifestyle, there are even arguments and complaints that are endless, meaning that marriage has lost its meaning, and sooner or later the two will separate, even though this is definitely not us. You want to see.</p>
<p>But there are still many people who wonder if married life is okay if a couple sleeps in separate beds for a long time? For this purpose, I interviewed three people who came here, so let&#x27;s see what they had to say.</p>
<p>Saifkan, separated for one year</p>
<p>My wife and I have slept in separate beds for a year. Some people may think that one year is not a long time. But for couples, one year of sleeping in separate beds is long, and married life will naturally be affected.</p>
<p>The reason why we slept in separate beds was because of a fight. No one thought of the petty quarrel, which caused my wife and I to sleep in separate beds for over a year. I wanted to lighten our relationship many times, but we were all merciless. Just ignore it, and over time I got used to it, and I didn&#x27;t have a sweet life in the past.</p>
<p>If you really want to say whether married life is good or not, the answer is obvious, which couple can still have sweet love after sleeping in separate beds for a year? The relationship between husband and wife has long faded, married life has also lost its meaning. The reason for not divorcing is because the child is still small.</p>
<p>Maybe when the children grow up, we should choose a divorce. After all, no one can hold the feeling of consumption. Coupled with living conditions sleeping in separate beds, leaving is only a matter of time.</p>
<p>Revaldo, separated for four years</p>
<p>My wife and I have been separating the beds for four years. To be honest, we have formed sleeping habits. Even if we can be together sometimes, we don&#x27;t have that kind of heart.</p>
<p>To be honest, I can no longer love him like I did before. After all, at this age, the relationship between husband and wife gradually turns into a kind of kinship. Besides, work makes me unable to do it, but I prefer to rest by myself at night, so my sleep quality is also very good.</p>
<p>In fact, wives have also become accustomed to life like this, over time they both underestimate it. Certainly within the four years of separation, married life will inevitably be affected, especially the initial reluctance, which culminates in a rapid decline in the relationship between husband and wife, which brings a lot of quarrels and cold war.</p>
<p>Luckily both of them survived. Today, sleeping in separate beds is a secret choice. Maybe there is no love like other couples, but married life like this is very satisfying for each other.</p>
<p>Mrs Shinta, 40 years old, was separated for seven years</p>
<p>I often hear everyone say &quot;seven year itch&quot;. It is very easy to break up after the seventh year of marriage, which affects the relationship between husband and wife. My husband and I have slept apart for seven years, which is better than the so-called &quot;seven year itch.&quot; The &quot;itching&quot; was even worse.</p>
<p>Even though there are a lot of arguments between husband and wife, at least they haven&#x27;t gotten to the point where they can&#x27;t continue, and we all have an accepting attitude toward separation. From the beginning of the breakup because of work, until the current habit has become a natural thing. The way of life in a household has changed, but the heart of keeping marriage doesn&#x27;t change.</p>
<p>In general, the impact of married life is not too big. After all, it has been more than 20 years since marriage, and no conflicts were too intense after seven years of separation, let alone the idea of ​​divorce, but a husband and wife relationship did not exist before. Okay, but it&#x27;s also a problem every partner has to deal with, so they can be taken care of at all times.</p>
<p>Write at the end</p>
<p>I must say that sleeping in separate beds between husband and wife is a very tough test for the feelings between husband and wife. As for whether you can endure to the end, it depends on each other&#x27;s attitude towards marriage and how to get along. If you do not want the possibility of a break in the relationship between husband and wife, then do not turn to the path of separation, because married life is likely to be affected.</p>
<p>Of course, if it is a last resort, proper separation is not impossible, but you should maintain emotional communication between husband and wife, and don&#x27;t let the other party feel that the marriage has lost its meaning, successively. to maintain the relationship between husband and wife</p>
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