Here are some ways to identify fake Facebook accounts, see which ones are fake IDs and which are real IDs. by steemdg

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Here are some ways to identify fake Facebook accounts, see which ones are fake IDs and which are real IDs.
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Like every time, today I came up with another tip among you. We are the current generation of people who use e-Facebook. But this Facebook account also has a lot of fakes.
We do not understand which is a fake account and which is a real account.

Today I will share some tips with you. Maybe it will be useful to know which is fake and which is real account.

Anyone can hide the number and email in the Facebook account.
As a result, we do not understand whether it is real or fake. I will give you some tips and if you follow these tips, you will understand which is real and which is fake account.

Follow the steps below. Hopefully, following these steps will help you to understand which is fake and which is real account.

- 1] By looking at the profile picture of the Facebook account, you can understand whether it is a fake or a real account, if one or two pictures are given in the profile, then it is 90% more likely to be a fake account.

- 2] What is the activity of that account, very active, whether the post is very low and irregular, these issues also help to identify the real account. The real account will be more active and if not regular, he will post and reply to the comment. Will.

- 3] The profile picture of the fake account is never real, there is a way to find out if the picture has been used elsewhere, (

- 4] Whether there is a mutual friend in the suspicious account, and whether he is adding friends from that account irregularly. If you look at this, you can understand whether the account is fake or real.

- 5] If everyone in the friend list is female / male, then that account is likely to be fake. If there is an average given about school, college, workplace in the about option of the account, then it should be understood that it is a fake account.

- 6] If the date of birth given in that account is given as January 1, December 31, August 15, then that account may be fake.

- 7] If there are many posts, many comments on the suspicious account, if you do not reply to any of them, it can be a fake account.

- 8] Some pictures have been given in the account and no pictures are being uploaded, if it is a long time then it must be understood that it may be fake.

I hope that if you follow the above information, it will be a little easier to understand which is a fake and which is a real Facebook account.

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