When STEEM Changed My Life | Thank You Steemit ! by ponpase

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When STEEM Changed My Life | Thank You Steemit !

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I have joined Steemit since August 2017. My initial journey to start adventure on Steem Blockchain. I never thought that I would stumble upon this so extraordinary technology.

There are not many reasons that make me join on Steemit. However, the one thing that got me here is because of my curiosity. This illusion then made me to join here.

At that time, what I understood Steemit was a place to write and earn money. It was my first time getting started and getting to know Blockchain technology. So, with my curiosity, I started to connect my connection on Steemit.


I am a person who loves to write and loves to read. There are many arguments that I spill on social media pages like Facebook. Actions that I just now realized that it is not at all profitable for me.

However, after discovering Blockchain I started to realize how amazing the technology is. I started to break the boundaries of the imagination space and started to create value on Blockchain. Until I realized the benefits I got to help increase my finances.

I used to have a dream to become a blogger and freelancer. Just like other people who also have their own dreams. God bless my dream and bring me to Steemit.


When I realized that here I can generate value and benefits. I started to manage myself to be able to grow and develop on Blockchain. Good management is the right step for me to make a strategy.

To develop, we need to design strategies and learn more things in Blockchain. I ended up spending more time on Blockchain. Build communication and make more friends.

I spend more time on Blockchain and only take the day off to relax. I got everything on Blockchain and went through a lot of hoops. I continue to work and create content to receive value.

The benefits that I get here have helped to support me financially and help pay for my education. I believe that we can create change within ourselves. The most important thing is that we must have management, determination, perseverance and sacrifice.


I have invested more than 6 hours in one day to adventure here. While some of my friends have started their careers in various companies, I myself have also had careers here. A job that I have dreamed of being a freelancer for a long time.

It's not only about wealth, but I can also find more than that. I can connect to all corners of the world and communicate with them. Instead of making more friends, I also gained more of everything, including value and investment.

One thing to note, finding success on Steem is not easy. It is the same as we seek success in other places we dream of. To get to the top where I am today, I have gone through more than one climb and many obstacles.

Getting rich is also not an easy thing. It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work. However, Steem is the right place to find wealth and bring more value to our future.

Just like the foam in the ocean that will disappear in the face of the waves. Or maybe like a rock that stands firm even though it is hit by a storm of waves. From now on, make choices, find yourself and start working more to achieve the target.

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# <center>Thanks For Visit My Blog !</center>

##  <center>Who Am I ?</center>

<center>I am a citizen journalist in our local area, law faculty student, founder STEEM for SDGS,  moderator PromoSteem Community, actively involved in humanitarian and environmental missions, active as a volunteer, has a career trail as a coach in scouting organizations, has relationships with a number of non-governmental organizations both at local and national levels, often acts as a moderator and speakers at a number of events, at Steemit actively participate in and do #promo-steem activities, as a pro-creator Oracle-D in the past, as content creators at SevenFingers. Have high hopes and enthusiasm for STEEM For SDGs. There are many great people who have also helped this program and took their roles behind the scenes during the program's launch.</center>

##### <center>Thanks to @steemadi as Founder on Motivation Story Community. 

Cc : @steemcurator01

Special thanks : @kevinwong, @steemchiller, @xeldal 

Best Regard, 
Discord : ponpase#2931

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@collinz ·
I'm inspired by your story to do more, indeed there is no easy way to success, it takes determination, commitment and hardwork. Thanks for the motivation @ponpase
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