Steemit Cryptoacademy Season3, Week4//Blockchain Video Games:Play and Earn//Homework post for Prof. @yohan2o by samsuccess

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Steemit Cryptoacademy Season3, Week4//Blockchain Video Games:Play and Earn//Homework post for Prof. @yohan2o
It's already week 4 of season 3 in the cryptoacademy and I welcome everyone. Thank you Prof. @yohan2on as I find this lectures intresting. 

Video games has always been a part of my life as a person, one of my most loved game is soccer,temple run and motal combat, etc. Games among other importance help you build you intelligence Quotient. For most little children who are introduced early to video games tend to be intellectually sound.
The blockchain has always been attributed to BTC and ETH but time has change in this 21st century with more adoption of cryptocurrency, the blockchain has really impacted the gaming industry and with the the upcoming inventions, adoption will be massive.

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### What is Blockchain Video Game? ###
As earlier defined in the Lectures, I can say a blockchain video games are those which uses the blockchain cryptographic technology to ensure full functionality. One of the attributes of the blockchain is security, imagine keeping your weapons, skins, etc in a game you played and this same accessories can be sold and monetized. This has driven the gaming industry crazy with much more adoption.

### How is Blockchain revolutionizing the video gaming? ###
As earlier stated, gaming has always been fun but it gets more intresting when tokens accumulated from your journey through the game path are now more valuable that we thought. The blockchain as we know is a distributed ledger, we also say it is much secured been utilized by many other system, mostly to ensure the safety of information’s and data. In gaming the collectible, accessories are stored in the blockchain which cannot be hacked or tampered with. This items in turn can be sold to other players who are still in the playing the same games, either for other items or for real cash. The blockchain also makes it possible for real time purchases of items that will be useful throughout the game using cryptocurrency.

Among many other blockchain Video game, we would be considering Blockchain Cuties Universe.


### The Blockchain Cuties Universe ###
This games is been described as the first of a kind decentralized Finance (DeFi) collectible blockchain game. The game is actually about wonderful and adorable pets where are represented by NFTs. I describe it as the first because it leverages the power of  5 blockchains namely: Etherum, EOS, Polygon, TRON and Neo respectively. 
Unlike many other recently introduced blockchain video game it provides Alot of opportunities to explore, and trade but with two distinctive in-game markets which is the NFTs and other intresting in-game commodities and in-game events. [source](


#### Feature of Blockchain Cuties Universe ####


Some features that can be found in the Video game are:
* My Cuties
* Forge
* Adventure
* Tournaments
* Marketplace
* Special sale
* Leaderboards 
* Achievements 
* Profile

A very long list of features but let's explain them and what how they contribute to the success of the video game. 

* My Cuties: This feature informs the player about his or her position in the game, it comprises of my Cuties, inventory, my market, my cutie market, my groups and token. Every information about the player can be found in this feature. The game allow have more than one cutie or pets and all the available cuties are displayed on the my Cutie section. The inventory tells the user the available items (could be weapons, etc) which are available to the player and at what level of the game. The market is very import part of my cutie features as it informs of what blockchain network you can utilize and what items you have available that can be sold. Cutie market also displays what cuties or pet are available for sale. You can also make it fun by creating group and viewing them on my groups. Available number of token can also be viewed in my toke account section.

* Forge: Blockchain Cuties allows the users to Forge faster stronger Cuties to meet their demands. Items available are displayed in the forging feature, alll you need do is simply select the appropriate items and Forge your weapons as required. 

* Adventure: Here we can see the available games adventure that can be played in the blockchain Cuties Universe game.
Also list of completed adventures can also be displayed in this features. 

* $BCUG: This is the blockchain Cuties Universe governance  token. This feature allow you to see the available BCUG tokens, it also provide staking capabilities and even provide liquidity on this platform. It is an Etherum based token and can connect to Metamask wallet to view your availabile GCUG tokens. 

* Tournaments: This feature will show the available tournaments organized in the Blockchain Cuties Universe. 

* Market place and Special Sale: These are very important feature in this platform, we made mention of NFTs, this feature makes this possible. NFTs can be created, bought and sold for BCUG tokens
* Leaderboards: In any game, everyone wants to win. This feature bring to light the top winners in each category of the game and competitions as well as the last 3 losses in the game. It can easily be checked by your username. 

* Achievements: The features showcases all your achievements and awards in the adventure game. 
Profile: This feature displays everything about a user, ranging from username, profile picture, your wallets, where you make your donations and many more interesting aspects of every user. 


### My Experience in the game ###
Blockchain cutie universe a seems like a nice a game, at least I has a user guide which if followed could help you through the game, my Cutie's name is SEXY, the game builders did a good job, the Cuties are sent to battle in an environment with other Cuties, the strong will always survive, the tougher the opponent the more experienced gained by each user. Cuties should then be equipped with better weapons to face tougher battles. I also love the fact that the summary of the battle is been display so you could know where to fortify your Cutie for the next available battle. Achievements are unlock as you adventure into the game. 

Above all I love the inclusion of the NFT market place, as they gradually being adopted currently in the cryptocurrency market and the fact that you can earn cryptocurrency as your achievement level grows.


This games like I said is good but I personally did not enjoy it, to me it looks more childish and very boring, it looks like a cartoon and I could nearly fantom how to begin the game. I believe the graphics are good but can be better than what I have seen in the game. The time taken to heal is also much, you have to wait sometimes 10 or even 25 minutes for your Cuties to heal, the interest in the game can be lost within the period. 
The developers are doing great but I still think there is still more to do on making this game one of a kind. 


### My Ratings on the game ###
Based on my experience in the game, I will place my ratings on 3.5 level as I look forward to a better experience in this game. 


Thank you sir
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>It is an Etherum based token and can connect to Metamask wallet to view your availabile GCUG tokens.

Change **GCUG tokens** to **BCUG tokens**
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