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The Value of Integrity! by oppongk

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The Value of Integrity!
Proverbs 12:22 (NIV)
>*"The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy."*

Beloved what does integrity mean to you? Your integrity must be valued, and must not be sold!

The same Book of Proverbs says: *"Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding."(Proverbs 23:23)*

The ability of holding unto your honesty and moral principles is cherished by God. God wants us to be truthful in all our lives. Someone who has integrity always ensure justice and right thing to be done. Someone who has integrity doesn't want cheating, that person doesn't support corruption and bribery. 

But the kind of many lifestyles among our people in this World seems to be contrary to the word *"Integrity."* There are too much politics and discriminations among most people, especially those who hold position. This is common in my Country. The the word of God is always fair not to condemn anybody, but we should continue to encourage ourselves to do the right thing. That's why this message is not to condemn, but as message of being vigilant of what ever we are doing. Since God will bring every action to judgement; whether good or bad. 

What do we seek to gain especially when we are in the the era of adversity due to Covid-19 pandemic, that most sellers of sanitizers pretend to take advantage and be rich overnight? Instead of selling the sanitizers for Ghc 10.00, they sell it for the buyers at the cost of Ghc 30.00. It is even sad that most people who live below average can't afford buying at that cost. What will we gain if we manufacture fake sanitizers for people to buy, do you think this is the only way we can get abundance of money? We are suffering to fight for the freedom of people. Our little support with the Governmeent can help control the pandemic. But if we rather use this difficult times that everybody is crying, to enrich yourself, you are not helping to hold unto your integrity. It would be unfair situation to discourage many people from observing the preventive measures.

It is very difficult to analyse the right people who have been selected for job market in my country. Most people who are recruited for job lately are the favorite of some political affiliates. They do this to get supports of votes during elections. What about those who aren't on their side during elections? They are left out from getting job. Even those who aren't getting jobs through this way might be the right people who qualify for jobs. They have genuine certificates and documents. Now, getting jobs is by merit of whom you know or to whom knows you. The greater possibilities also come from being with some political affiliate in power. At the job market in my country, this is what is going on. I therefore ask, are we pursuing integrity or untrustworthy? 

We should therefore value our integrity in respect to the word of God, not what we will gain for this living! A time will come that we can't go or come in our quest for wealth through this means. Our property, material things will become useless for us, they will rather be inherited by your families. But there is nothing great than achieving integrity that can guarantee your Salvation in the Kingdom of God. Be blessed for ensuring integrity in your life.
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