Hearken to the voice of wisdom by supo1

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Hearken to the voice of wisdom

The wisdom of God is not a thing but a character; Therefore He speaks, calls, warns and advices.

The wise will listen to what He has to speak and establish their lives on the sure foundation of the foctrines that He teaches. 

Because of His great love and compassion for all of humanity, He pleads with us to listen to His advise and asks why we would select foolishness instead of the wisdom He offers.

He wonders why men despise knowledge, which saves us from temporal and eternal desaster when we correctly apply it to our lives. 

The wisdom of God assures us that whoever obey Him and does His instruction will live in safety, free from all evils.

If I were you, I would hearken to what He has to say, act on His warnings and walk in the advise that He gives. 

Have you answered positively to this call? You may know it but responding to this call is the best decision you can make in life. In this call lies salvation, prosperity, rest of mind and total deliverance from all forms of stress. 

The burden of sin is intolerable! It is therefore a wise thing to answer to the call of the one who can remove this burden from us. Responding to the call of Jesus unto salvation is the beginning of wisdom.

Determine to answer to the voice of God’s Wisdom from today onward.
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