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Blogging Challenge: Explain the your blog's name.
It's been years now that imawreader was born in this space. I started in the steem blockchain and go on and off blogging. What's the reason? It's not that I'm lazy, I am just discouraged to write and give time to myself.


Before we go deep there, let's talk about the main topic. **Why imawreader?** It's actually a shortened description; *I am a Writer and a Reader*. And if you kind of read it a bit faster, you can get my codename: imawreader. What do you think about it? Is it clever?

From the first time I discovered this kind of blogging platform, I wanted to join in and perhaps become a blogger myself. I was hesitant at first because **I am someone who doesn't like exposure**. If possible I would like to remain anonymous. And that thought grew in me when I noticed that other users were using avatars. Maybe I could make one for myself? So I thought if I would become a blogger, what would be a good codename? 

Writing, blogging, author, I was considering not only these but a lot of things that I have seen in the platform. And then I remembered a promise when I was in high school. I wanted to be able to publish a book with my name written as the author someday. I felt that longing and thought if I can do that if I am to become a blogger. But at that time, I wasn't doing any writing. I never even written any content like a blog ever in my life. 

Part of my daily activity is reading novels on Wattpad. Reader...writer...writer...reader... and then perhaps you know what was next. imawreader was written in my head. And so I became imawreader and tried to chase my dream of becoming a good writer and an author. 

**About the avatar**, I roughly tried to vectorize how I look at that time. *(And yes, I know a bit of graphic skills)* My hair grew that I'd loved to tie it. I also included my sunglass *(I might be wrong about the name)* that has an anti-radiation filter to protect my eyes whenever I'm in front of a laptop. So combining all that, I was able to create my avatar.

The contents of my blog weren't as specific as how I told everyone before. I said anything under the sun. Back then I didn't want to focus on a single niche and have only followers who are interested in that niche. So I tried to be as flexible as possible. And the rest is history. A lot happened, but maybe we can talk about that on another blog. 

So that's how my blog's name was created. It's a bit clever (I guess) but it is somewhat memorable now since I had a lot of different circumstances in blogging when I became imawreader. It was sure a bumpy ride, but the experience will never be forgotten. **See you on another blogging challenge!** 


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