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"In choosing a life partner, the first decision of everyone will not always be right" by sagorrr

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"In choosing a life partner, the first decision of everyone will not always be right"
# Partner  (short story)

Molly came to her father-in-law's house a month ago. Absolutely married as a family.
At noon on the day of the holiday, Molly is sitting at the dining table with her mother-in-law and husband Johnny, biting Molly with rice in her left hand. He likes to bite raw chillies with rice and lentil curry. Moreover, sometimes he likes to eat raw chillies with hot rice and curry.


However, Johnny is eating like this for the first time today. Johnny was very upset when he saw this food and said,
- Does anyone eat like this? It looks very bad, why are you eating like a village man? Eat politely. You can't eat like this in this house.

Molly got very embarrassed in front of her mother-in-law and still said to blow up the matter in a funny way,
- Who else is watching here? You try it too, it's a lot of fun to bite holding hands like this.
- Stay, my son, you don't have to teach me to eat anymore.
Before you learn it yourself, how to eat politely?

Molly could not imagine that her mother-in-law would talk like that.
Johnny said nothing more.
Molly left her half-eaten raw pepper and finished the meal on the plate and started thinking about her parents.
No matter how big the restaurant is when you go to launch somewhere on a holiday afternoon? Her father used to collect raw chillies and say,
- Eat, do whatever you want. Khabi in the joy of his own mind. I will do whatever you like.
When Molly ate raw peppers, Dad looked at her in fascination. Mao, however, likes to bite raw peppers in this way.

Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought.
Molly thinks that if there is so much problem in this house to eat a little raw pepper, I don't know how many more things will be seen in the future.

He went to Johnny with a cold head and said,
- Well, what can and cannot be done in your house? I can tell a little. Then I would have benefited a lot.
I noticed these days, you don't like much of me.

- I thought you studied at the university, you know a lot, now I see you don't know a lot. Learn everything from your mother. It will be difficult to move with you.

- So I don't have any likes or dislikes?
- Why not? But that fits us. You have to understand, you are the wife of this family now, that's how you have to maintain our status.
- Wife, do I just have to change?

- Of course because you will stay in this house. If you want to be here, you have to be like us.

- If I say I don't like much of you, can you change yourself?

- Of course not. I have nothing to dislike. Besides, I will walk in my house the way I want. I find it difficult to talk to you.

- All right. Your problem will be easier and you won't have to worry about me, so Molly packed her bags and got ready to go home.

Seeing him ready, Johnny wanted to know,
- You're leaving suddenly, is there any work? You can't get out of our house if you want to. It seems that he did not get this education.

- From which family did I marry the girl? Very naughty girl. It seems that your parents did not teach you anything.

The mother-in-law said keeping pace with the boy.
But Molly didn't answer even after hearing the words, she looked at Johnny and said,
- You're right, I have a lot of lessons left. If I can learn, I will come back. Otherwise I will not come again. He left the bag and left in one cloth.

My parents wanted to explain and send it again, but Molly said one thing, biting a little raw pepper, that the people of the family could talk so much. Ask yourself to change, how much more will they do? Who knows?

Besides, they don't like anything about him, they seem to ignore him. Makes mistakes in everything. These small things will one day get bigger by indulging. Then the problem will increase. But a few days ago they chose her and took her as their wife.

After hearing all the little things that had happened in this one month, Molly's mother finally said,
- You have done very well, it is better to live like yourself anew than to ruin your own life. There was a time when girls endured everything and had a family.

The father also agreed with the daughter and said,
- In a short time you also realized that this is a lot. There is no need to make a family by selling self-esteem, mother. There is no point in pretending to have a happy life with a smile on the outside while keeping the pain hidden inside.

A few days later, the lawyer sent a notice and Molly got a job herself. The educated girl did not have much trouble getting a job.

Not everyone has a happy family. Some people's world is not done.
Molly also hoped for a beautiful family but did not get it, failed, she can't make a family by selling everything she has.

Living a single life, wandering around with happy parents. Little Eitukuito wants nothing more than life. Live like yourself, not listen to others.

Although his relatives and neighbors are very sorry for him and say, 'Ahare! The girl could not make a family. '
Talking about marriage again, they find out about many pots and give them with interest.

He doesn't feel bad anymore, these bodies have fallen asleep in less than six months. But if someone really wants to make a family with the respect he deserves, he won't. The family is a matter of understanding the likes and dislikes of the two, not exercising authority over anyone.
Maybe find someone like that, or not. Life is not the same, it will be cut in the same way. It was cutting well like this.

In less than two years, his office colleague Ronnie sent a marriage proposal to his home. This time Molly informed the boy in advance,
- Look, I know less about manners. I have many bad habits. Can't stand it? Said. Besides, I can't change myself. These are the reasons why I have been divorced before. Don’t want to make one mistake over and over again.

- I don't want to marry my wife. Looking for a life partner. With whom I can share everything. I can always be by the side of one another in times of danger. And even though I haven't been married before, I did have a girlfriend, who is getting married and living in Canada.

- I'm looking for you now.

- Even if I don't want to, I can keep it for the sake of Facebook because he was my classmate. Anyway I also told you everything. Now think about it. I have no objection to marriage. You will be as you are.

Molly didn't listen to the boy anymore. Thinking, the second time may not be wrong, moreover, the boy does not feel bad. And once I try, let's see if I can make a family?

At the request of her parents, Molly agreed to get married out of fear. But really found the right person this time, Molly. He doesn't look at anything with a bitter look. Molly even objected to biting the pepper. On the contrary, he looked as fascinated as his father.

After this second marriage, relatives and neighbors did not listen less, see if you can make a family? The first family did not last a month.

Molly doesn't answer, just thinking to herself, did I ever think this marriage would last? Then I would not have got married.

Molly didn't get a husband this time, she got a partner with whom she could share everything without hesitation like a friend.

Today is their tenth wedding anniversary. She also has two children. Maybe the first time I didn't find the right person, so that world didn't last. Now no one says anything. They are fine.

## In choosing a life partner, the first decision of everyone will not always be right.
# Thanks for your valuable time.
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Thank you so much for such kind of supporting ❤
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