When people do three things well in the trough, good luck will come naturally by sarakomuva

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When people do three things well in the trough, good luck will come naturally
<p>The life of many people is like a roller coaster ride, joy and sorrow. To enjoy success, you must accept failure. Don&#x27;t be cocky and complacent when you are proud, and don&#x27;t be languid and decadent when you are frustrated.</p>
<p>You have to believe in yourself, as long as your confidence is not broken and you face problems positively and optimistically, spring will always come.</p>
<p>The following three things, I hope you can do well.</p>
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<p><strong>01 Learn from failure</strong></p>
<p>Life is never smooth sailing, and it will not allow you to travel easily. When you are busy, you may not have time to stop and think, reflect, and know yourself. Therefore, when you face setbacks, you lack a clear mind to adjust to, and it is easy to fall into confusion and unable to let go.</p>
<p>A donkey accidentally fell into a dry well. The farmer tried everything he could to save the donkey. He finally decided to leave the rescue and let everyone fill the well together.</p>
<p>Everyone kept pouring sand, gravel, and earth into the well, and the donkey began to cry, very sad, knowing that his master had given up on himself.</p>
<p>After a while, the donkey calmed down, everyone looked down and found that the ground that had been poured had fallen on the donkey&#x27;s back. The donkey shook off the dirt from its back, and then stood on the pile of dirt. As the dirt accumulated even more, the donkey got closer and closer to the head of the well, and finally jumped out of the well.</p>
<p>People sometimes fall into &quot;dry wells,&quot; and all kinds of mud will be scattered over them. If you want to get out of this well, you have to shake off the &quot;mud&quot; first, then stand on it before you can get out. .</p>
<p>Only after experiencing difficulties can we advance to a higher level, when we are at the lowest point in life, it is an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and understand ourselves again. This is also a time when we are really clearheaded.</p>
<p><strong>02 Learn to change the way you think</strong></p>
<p>Competition is everywhere and very cruel. When we face competition, we have to be strong enough to take the beatings and the test of failure. But this is not the biggest enemy. The biggest enemy is often self, experience and overly confident thinking.</p>
<p>A believer wants to smoke while praying in church. He asked the pastor: &quot;Can I smoke a cigarette while praying?&quot;</p>
<p>The pastor looked at him coldly and said, &quot;No!&quot;</p>
<p>After a while, the other believer next to him also wanted to smoke a cigarette. He asked the pastor: &quot;Can I pray while smoking?&quot;</p>
<p>The pastor thought for a moment and said, &quot;Of course!&quot;</p>
<p>The same request, another way of expression, gets completely different results, and finally achieves the goal. It can be seen that often when we solve problems, it is best to use different thinking and try things from the opposite angle, and maybe we can get the results you want better.</p>
<p>Things are always changing, one corner is not good, you can change a few more angles to get the best results.</p>
<p>Making full use of the advantages of everything to achieve goals is a key factor for any intelligent person to succeed.</p>
<p><strong>03 Persistence and Persistence</strong></p>
<p>A truly strong person, no matter what punches and failures he faces, he can face it calmly, so as not to mess. Weak people succumb to hardship and faint after minor blows, and even give up on the original goal of swearing.</p>
<p>People fall easily, for being a dreamless &quot;salted fish&quot; is much prettier than a hard worker. Many of the obstacles in life are not the difficulties that are in front of you, but in your own heart. The biggest stumbling block holding you back is always yourself.</p>
<p>Everyone has to be aware of your weaknesses. If you want to conquer the world, you have to conquer yourself first.</p>
<p>All successful people have important qualities, namely, believe in their own abilities, do not really care about other people&#x27;s rumors, and a firm belief in their hearts will not be easily shaken, and overcome all difficulties to achieve their goals.</p>
<p>The losers and the winners have &quot;dreams&quot;, but the losers never really want to do anything down to earth, and end up spending their lives in fantasy. Winners focus on practical action, turn their determination and ambitions into reality, and climb towards goals step by step, without creating unrealistic fantasies.</p>
<p>Successful people can walk the road year after year and never want to stop. Even if they are wrong, misunderstood, ridiculed by others, they will ultimately rely on a great deal of courage and perseverance to persevere in finding the best way. The path to success. In the face of any difficulty, take it calmly and steadfastly.</p>
<p><strong>Summary: It&#x27;s not</strong> bad to face a trough. The terrible things are self-depression, self-doubt, self-denial, and slowly getting lost at the bottom of the valley and never appearing. When faced with adversity, don&#x27;t panic, which is the equivalent of &quot;vacation.&quot; Taking advantage of the time to train internal strength, it is possible to deliver on the peak day.</p>
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