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First Impressions of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

<p>I&#x27;m a fan of Max Landis&#x27; writing. Although many of the films that use his scripts don&#x27;t particularly work out due to circumstances out of his control, his professionalism as a writer is forever evident.In the case of film, the script can be great, but the execution from the actors, director(s), and even lighting department may not work in the way the script was intended.</p>
<p>I&#x27;ve only watched two episodes of Dirk Gently&#x27;s Holistic Detective Agency, and thus far it is a case of Max Landis&#x27; writing working exceptionally well alongside the overall production of the show; Landis&#x27; familiar uniqueness to fantasy elements shine with the show&#x27;s comedic style. The contrast of fantasy and comedy are an enjoyable combination that haven&#x27;t felt too forced or simply unfunny, during the show&#x27;s attempts to actually tell its weird and all-connected story.</p>
<p>The show follows Todd, who appears to be in several financial issues, but his day is becoming stranger and stranger, especially once he meets the holistic detective named Dirk Gently who claims everything is happening to him for a reason, and that every event is connected in an open, yet linear fashion.</p>
<p>Dirk Gently suggests that Todd is to be his assistant in his oddly chaotic adventures which seem to have absolutely no planning whatsoever, although aside from destiny playing a part, there are strange and nonhuman-like beings on both good and bad sides.</p>
<p>Consider it Sherlock, but with sheer chaos and fantasy elements that have you questioning how the heck it all could be connected, all with a little comedy thrown in.</p>
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