"Lone Star Tears"-the cry in the iron house by filoso

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"Lone Star Tears"-the cry in the iron house
<p>“If a vault is truly windowless and difficult to destroy, there are a lot of people sleeping in it, and they will soon die from suffocation. However, you don&#x27;t feel the grief of death from falling asleep to death. Now you are screaming, Shocked a few more people who came to their senses, and caused this poor little fellow to suffer irreparable pain of dying. Do you think you are worthy of them?</p>
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<p>Iron house without a way out</p>
<p>This film creates a lot of contrasting images. In prisons, prisoners serving in the workforce are seen from the point of view of police officer Javier; in the slums, pathetic people are photographed from the top corner. Protagonist Jean Valjean escapes through a sewer, and the police officer jumps from a tall building to end his life. The difference between the lower class and the aristocrats is clear in the film. Before the law, the poor from the lower classes will always be defendants, without any chance to defend themselves. Jean Valjean can only bear the name of the prisoner forever. Fantine faced accusations and could only have difficulty arguing, She could only bow her head to reality and express her inner desire for love through the song I dreamed of, and that song in the end. By using a long lens shooting technique to enhance the sense of realism, the helpless performance of the real dilemma comes alive and clear.</p>
<p>But upper class people have the right to choose life, Marlis can give up his noble status and give up money to choose his life. But for the lower classes, they do not have the freedom to choose, because they have nothing but life, and they don&#x27;t even have the right to surrender their lives. Fantine could only sell her hair, body and even teeth for her daughter Cosette. When she was young, Jean Valjean went to steal bread to keep her nephew alive and started 15 years in prison. It is truly a sad world. Male thieves and female prostitutes just want to survive in this poor and unjust world. It was as if there was nowhere to flee within the cooped up iron house, without the slightest hope.</p>
<p>Hoarse cry</p>
<p>People lack the ability to fight back in their miserable life and can only fall asleep. Only the hoarse screams of the revolutionaries opened their eyes, Do you hear the people singing? Revolutionary chants surrounded them. The June Revolution can be described as the climax of the story. The red flames of revolution filled the entire screen. In the first half of the film, it is not difficult to see that most of the scene is rainy or dark in the background, and the main tone is gray. In revolution, it is a bright sight. It might be said: &quot;However, since some people wake up, you can&#x27;t say that there is no hope of destroying this iron house. This revolution is not meaningless, it looks bright.</p>
<p>In revolution, young people are not afraid of death but are not afraid. When Marlis tried to quit the army by dying together, many young people later blamed her, saying that this would kill everyone. Terrified, no one reached out to this group of young people. In a miserable world, people live in iron huts and have no chance of escape. People long for revolution, but they are also afraid of the blood that revolution produces. Faced with the screams of revolution, most people in the end choose this silence, because survival is an instinctive human desire. When only one blockade remained, the young people under the banner of the revolution faced stiff arms, closed doors and windows, and the blood of their comrades. This result is sad and satisfying. Revolution and death are equated, but revolution is also equated with hope. Everything is still hopeful. When Jean Valjean died, he and Fantine did not arrive in heaven, but on the streets of revolutionary rebellion, singing songs Do you hear the people singing? Again, suggesting the beauty of the revolution.</p>
<p><img src="https://steemitimages.com/640x0/https://www.filmcritics.org.hk/sites/default/files/LesMiserables_4.jpg"/><br/></p>
<p>Good and evil in the name of god</p>
<p>Seeing this two and a half hour film, it is not only a historical film, but also full of religious colors. In Christianity, people are born guilty, and if they accept God&#x27;s salvation, they can reach heaven and be judged. There is no shortage of religious elements on the film screen. Twice Jean Valjean was saved with the help of the church and started a new life. When the boundaries between good and evil became blurred, everyone began to set their own direction in God&#x27;s name. Jean Valjean entrusted his life to God, and acting according to God&#x27;s will was good, so that he became an awesome mayor with a new identity. But in Javier&#x27;s values, sin must be punished, which is also God&#x27;s will, so he insisted on detaining Jean Valjean and returning to prison.</p>
<p>Then we act on God&#x27;s behalf, so who&#x27;s good? Who is bad? In the film, I chose to emphasize the expression of goodness in the duality of contradiction. Out of kindness, when Fantine was selling teeth, the prostitute next door told her to pull out her lower teeth; when Marlis found out that Jean Valjean was a prisoner, he still respected him. But in the novel, Fantine sells her front teeth, and Marie expels them because she knows Jean Valjean&#x27;s past, until finally she comes to Jean Valjean&#x27;s grave to repent and thank the savior. These parts are omitted in the film. It is not difficult to see that the film is primarily aimed at expressing the kindness of people in a miserable world.</p>
<p>These good thoughts are out of love. The bishop said in the film: &quot;Love is the best proof of God&#x27;s existence.&quot; Really, this is a love story. On the love front, the baselines of morality and the boundaries between good and evil have become blurred. Javier gave his badge to the boy who died in the revolution. He let go of Jean Valjean, but he couldn&#x27;t understand the blurred line. So I chose to end my life. Despite living in a sad world, people still live in an atmosphere of love and being loved.</p>
<p>In the vault some people may have awoken a long time ago, only pretending to be asleep, seeing no hope, and their efforts were in vain; but some people choose to scream and wake everyone up against them, because they believe in hope and in love. In &quot;Lone Star Tears,&quot; all you see are the cries at the iron house.</p>
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