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MOVIE: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
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<p>Like &quot;Goodfellas&quot;, &quot;Casino&quot; and &quot;The Aviator&quot; before it, &quot;The Werewolf on Wall Street&quot; was adapted from real people and presented the real world to the audience. From its gangster past, gambling industry, film industry, even politics, this time Skothys leads its audience to explore the world of Wall Street by adapting Jordan Belfort&#x27;s stock broker autobiography. In exchanges where morality has fallen, plots of group sex, prostitution, drug abuse and even human rights violations are presented one by one to the audience.</p>
<p>&quot;Wall Street Werewolves&quot; became controversial when it was released in the United States. Critics primarily targeted a large number of nude sex scenes in the film, drug use plots, and a large amount of foul language, referring to the film&#x27;s poor awareness. In fact, if you watch this film carefully, you&#x27;ll find that Skosis deals with nude sex scenes, and often cuts to the next section before the explicit image is clearly presented, with the premise of airing Wall Street. Live. The two protagonists are increasingly embarrassed by drug use, whether the plane makes a fuss or convulsions, the audience can see the depravity of the drug addicts.</p>
<p>The protagonist Jordan says in the film that &quot;the money is too much to spend.&quot; When the money he had far exceeded the needs of the average person, he began to create some &quot;new needs&quot; and some meaningless needs. Super-luxurious mansions, private helicopters, sky-high yachts, and famous cars are all insignificant materials. In the early part of the film, Jordan, who is Wall Street&#x27;s first brother, eats with his boss Hanna. Hanna points out that Wall Street people face crazy numbers every day, and a lot of sex and drugs are their needs. to decompress. It is this imbalanced world of money that creates an unequal demand for people in Jordan: massive amounts of sex and drugs.</p>
<p>Jordan&#x27;s second wife, Naomi, is the public image, easily attracted to Jordan&#x27;s mansion. Reluctantly, even though a high-value paper ship was named after him, he did not sail to the London he had hoped for. The ship leaves for stormy Morocco with Jordan&#x27;s will; what happened in the mansion was just a series of strife, the famous car was destroyed. Just like scrap metal. Naomi finally recognized the facts and left Jordan. Despite the luxury of Jordan&#x27;s life and the wealth of funds, when he lost his family and the freedom of life, he can&#x27;t remember a time when he was rich, and I am shocked to realize that he had lived so many empty years. life.</p>
<p>The plot of the FBI agents and Jordan investigating each other on the mail ship in the film is very exciting. As Jordan puts it, many people in society are &quot;disproportionate payments and returns.&quot; The work of an FBI agent is very meaningful and has made many contributions to the country. The scams that were destroyed might involve a very large sum, but a paycheck in exchange could only make him blackmail the subway; on the other hand, Jordan&#x27;s job was to defraud investors and no penny stock was valuable, but a single transaction could generate ten times the annual salary of an FBI agent, enabling him to enjoy the most luxurious private ships. This is the reality of injustice!</p>
<p>FBI agents eventually catch Jordan, and the incident is published in the newspapers, but the report uses only the name Jordan instead of the name of the hero who broke into the scam involving more than one million dollars. This hero was no different from the public, sitting on a subway train, no one watching him. On the other hand, Jordan, who has been greedy for life, only needs to sell his comrades, and he can get only three years in prison and enjoy tennis. At the end of the film, Jordan doesn&#x27;t deny it either. she still didn&#x27;t understand what her father said: &quot;, how many folds&quot; meant. After he was released from prison, everyone&#x27;s eyes were still on him, still cheering for him. This is an ironic social reality!</p>
<p>Jordan believes that &quot;everyone wants to grow.&quot; Of course, this idea could not be fully fulfilled, but even if he was as honest as an FBI agent, he did not hesitate to say that he had fantasized about the rich life when he was young. squeezing the subway. &quot;Chance&quot; was placed in front of FBI agents. He can take bribes from Jordan and escape the fate of squeezing the train. But what he chose in the end was a path that did not generate money and reputation. Maybe what &quot;he needs&quot; isn&#x27;t money, but his trust account. I don&#x27;t know if the audience will reject the choice of an FBI agent, but I believe Scorsese has been on the path chosen by FBI agents for 50 years.</p>
<p>Like Scorsese&#x27;s controversial old works such as Taxi Driver and Pirates, this year&#x27;s Wall Street Werewolf is back empty-handed at the conservative Oscars. Scorsese&#x27;s contribution to American films is one of his best, but he only won one &quot;late&quot; Oscar for Best Director. In fact, &quot;the effort is not worth the reward&quot;, which reminds me of the FBI agent in the film.</p>
<p>An unbalanced material life, sex life, and substance abuse are also unnecessary &quot;needs&quot;; like penny stocks, they are &quot;necessities&quot; created by the broker for clients to make money; such as a sales pen test at the end of the film Promoter creates a &quot;demand&quot; for the seller to assign a &quot;value&quot; to the pen; like the Oscar, it was a &quot;request&quot; made by Great Americanists to filmmakers around the world to establish American Cinema status.</p>
<p>What Scorsese really needs is a completely free, creative space that isn&#x27;t swayed by criticism. What film fans really need is Martin Scorsese who continues to make films in an empty space.</p>
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