Pagglait the film is just like its protagonist Sandhya. It doesn't behave the way it is expected to. by jahidchoto

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Pagglait the film is just like its protagonist Sandhya. It doesn't behave the way it is expected to.
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Sanya Malhotra The girl has only done a few movies. But the few things he has done so far show how great his script choice is! And the acting is so smooth that since it is a movie, I don't think anything good will happen. And never disappointed.

# PAGGLAIT (2021)

## No spoiler
I finished watching the movie three more days ago. Ever since then, I thought, I haven't written anything about such a movie? ..

The concept was brilliant! Many things are beautifully shown in a movie. There were many characters in the movie that needed a story, and all the characters were alive. The main story in the life of a newly widowed girl is how much stress can be created by the far-reaching thoughts of everyone in the family.
When a girl loses her husband at a young age, all the great examples of positive, negative thoughts revolving around her are given in the movie. However, it is not the neighbors, but my own family and relatives that have shown the things that I like the most.

There is superstition, greed is not less! Although shown through comedy, I was a bit annoyed to see some scenes. I thought, really ..! This is absolutely real! Even in such a difficult time, people do not have the slightest idea to show their low mentality. Instead, a silent politics started inside the families.
And the girl ..? Sandhya could not recognize her husband while he was alive. After he died, I could recognize him a little bit. I knew about him!

In such a situation, no one in the family was thinking about his will or reluctance, on the contrary, the burden of different desires of everyone was imposing on him.
So how did this story end?

I said about Sanya Malhotra from the beginning. This time it comes to the acting of the remaining characters. In a word, everyone's performance was amazing. All the actors-actresses have been cast that there is no scope for complaint. Not mentioning everyone's name. However, if you watch the movie, you will understand that the story as well as the acting has enhanced the beauty of the movie.

Arijit Singh was the music director in this movie. I also like to listen to the songs.
All in all, "PAGGLAIT" is a good movie for me. Those who are drawn to family drama should not be missed!

#### Happy watching

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