After a break up, being best friends is probably the best thing for each other by nakoruru

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After a break up, being best friends is probably the best thing for each other
<p>What do you think is the best situation after the two people broke up?</p>
<p>Many people may feel that they can continue to be friends after breaking up. However, two people who switched from friends to lovers and ended up breaking up have no way of getting back to their original positions. Because they love each other, give each other, and complain and are dissatisfied with each other.</p>
<p>After breaking up, you can still be friends, the first is that you never love too deeply, and the other you can&#x27;t give up.</p>
<p>Truly a beloved lover, no matter how helpless, but also accept a true lover broke up. After breaking up, he won&#x27;t continue to be friends.</p>
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<p>After breaking up, Dilnaz continued to befriend his girlfriend. This was mentioned by her boyfriend. She says that she is worried about Dilnaz and wants to keep looking after her until she finds a new boyfriend. Dilnaz refused at first. She felt that she would become friends after the breakup, but she felt a little disconnected, but when she saw her boyfriend was so insistent, she agreed anyway.</p>
<p>In fact, Dilnaz also knows that it is impossible for her to make peace with her boyfriend. The boyfriend&#x27;s family wants to find a good wife for their son, but Dilnaz&#x27;s family conditions can only be said to be fair. Sometimes, Dilnaz still needs help.</p>
<p>At first, Dilnaz thought that falling in love and getting married were two people&#x27;s problems, so long as the boyfriend doesn&#x27;t mind, it doesn&#x27;t matter what the girlfriend&#x27;s family thinks. But his girlfriend is a filial son who listens to his parents. After her boyfriend&#x27;s family found out about Dilnaz&#x27;s family, she asked her son to break up with Dilnaz. On the one hand, the boyfriend said that he was helpless, but he agreed without hesitation.</p>
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<p>Dilnaz did not think that the relationship between the two could not stand the test.</p>
<p>He felt it was meaningless to break up. She has done a lot for her feelings. The condition of the family wasn&#x27;t something he could decide on. He&#x27;s trying his best, and he&#x27;s not ashamed of his feelings. Since there is no destiny, it is better not to get too involved, so Dilnaz agrees to break up very happily.</p>
<p>After breaking up, his girlfriend was always looking for him, and often texted Dilnaz when he was bored.</p>
<p>When Dilnaz first broke up, she wanted to sort out her feelings and start a new life. But because her boyfriend always appears in her life, Dilnaz can&#x27;t forget how cute two people are together, and she is sad every day. Whenever her boyfriend calls, Dilnaz seems to remind her that the two of them have broken up.</p>
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<p>Later, Dilnaz clearly expressed her thoughts to her boyfriend, and she didn&#x27;t want to be friends with him anymore. The boyfriend is disappointed when he finds out, and asks Dilnaz if he has done anything wrong. Dilnaz didn&#x27;t know how to explain to him, only that was the cause itself.</p>
<p>After he stopped contacting, Dilnaz devoted himself to his work with all his heart, occasionally hanging out with friends, as if his life had not been so sad because of the breakup.</p>
<p>For lovers after a breakup, the best situation is not to disturb each other. There&#x27;s no need to remind yourself and each other how much you love them. Let time heal everything, accept the fact of separation, and slowly forget about the best pain.</p>
<p>Maybe one day, you will find that you have come out of the sadness of the breakup, and you will soon meet a more suitable person.</p>
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