A real deshi Gangster movie || Movie: - Gangs of Wasseypur || ⓁⓘⓕⓔⓈⓣⓨⓛⓔ by ripon0630

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A real deshi Gangster movie || Movie: - Gangs of Wasseypur || ⓁⓘⓕⓔⓈⓣⓨⓛⓔ
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# Movie: - Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2

IMDB: - 8.2
Genre: - Action, Comedy, Crime

### Spoiler-free🚫

Plot: -This is a story about terrorist activities, greed for power, murder, drugs, mafia, black money, political instability, crime in a small town called Wasipur before and after independence.

Hollywood has many movies to be proud of but not so many movies to be proud of in Bollywood and all over India. But those few movies are on par with other Hollywood masterpieces. A film of that level is "Gangs of Wasseypur".

Jishan Qadri - This name is probably unknown to many, he came to Mumbai from Wasipur in 2009 with the goal of becoming a "hero", although his "goal" later split into millions when he realized that being a "hero" is not so easy, then He started watching a lot of movies, at one point he realized, "Ah, I can write a story like this too" He sat down with a notebook and pen to "write"… but what "write"… !! 

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Unable to make ends meet, he decided to write about his birthplace (Wasipur). Finally, he wrote the main concept of the story in 8 pages and took it to Anurag Kashyap. After reading the summary, Anurag Kashyap expressed interest in working on the story. Expressing interest, Zeeshan tells Anurag Kashyap about his performance in this fuck. Anurag Kashyap tells him to write the whole script without thinking about acting for the time being.

 He also announced that he will work on the script. On the other hand, Zeeshan's desire to act is alive now. During the pre-production, he tells Anurag Kashyap that he wants to play the character named "Definite" in the story. Agree ... and this is where the work of remembering the Bollywood gangster genre begins.

Everything from acting to technical aspects was fascinating. Especially the dialogues and songs were awesome💥.

Nawazuddin received the 70th National Award of India in the Special Mention for the acting category. And the movie has won four awards, including the 55th Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the Filmfare Best Film (Critics) Best Director (Critics) Award.

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