《Kollywood New Movie Review》- Chakra- 2021 || Story Category: Action & Drama by shohana1

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《Kollywood New Movie Review》- Chakra- 2021 || Story Category: Action & Drama
Today's review is about Kollywood movie name **Chakra** It was in Tamil language and later dubbed in Hindi and I watched it recently in Hindi language because I don't understand the language Tamil but with subtitles we can watch too but now the movie is available on Youtube. This story is based on cyber crime. Today's generation should be find this story really very interesting. Here we can find actors played role of master mind military officer and a master mind thief. Actors played their role very well.

**<a href="https://images.app.goo.gl/LLRP8GfNbRriZhFcA"> Image Source</a>**

Chakra released earlier this year in February. Some hall print copies available on YouTube. Some deleted for copyright issues. I downloaded it from YouTube to my device because this new movie have chances to be deleted for copyright issue as the movie not yet available on television.
Now here I would like to show you one of the public review which also explained my mind about this movie: 

>This is another cyber crime thriller movie released in Tamil. The movie starts as Robbery takes place in 49 houses at Independence day. Police starts investigating the same. They found that all the Robbery happened only in the Senior citizens houses. ( This is the only finding of the Police department in the entire movie)  Finally the 50th house is Heros Grandmother house. Along with the Jewels they stole the Ashok chakra which Heros fathers award.
So the reason for putting the title for this film is justified.  Then the hero is Military officer. He arrives chennai immediately and then you can predict what is going to happen.   
Vishal will be investigating the entire robbery and the whole Police department will execute his orders. 
As per Cinema formula the Hero is responsible to investigate the entire crime whatever may the role of Hero( Constable, Commissioner, Army, Common man etc)  and entire police team follows him.  The same is happening here also.
The screenplay is very gripping and we never get bored in any scenes in the movies. That is the biggest plus of this movie. The interval block end with good twist and there are some interesting scenes in the second half.  The director dissappoints in the end with a very very week climax. Atleast the clinax scenes he should thought differently.
Coming to performance Vishal as usual fits the Army officer role, but we watched him may times. When can we able to watch Vishal in a role like he portrayed in Avan Evan?  Next to Vishal it is Regina Cassendra who does her part well. She gave equal performance to Vishal.  Shraddha sainath intriductory role was good but in later scenes there is no big role in the movie for her. Robo Shankar comedy was not worked out in this movie and also it irritates the audience in some places. And I agree on that too **<a href="https://g.co/kgs/DwFQZm"> Source</a>**

###  Plus points :
Vishal performance
Reginna cassendra performance
Some good clashes and twists between Hero and Villain

###  Minus points:
Week Background story
Roboshankar comedy
Climax scenes
No detailing in any of the crime scenes

Overall Rating from my side is : 3 out of 5.

According to my review the movie was good enough as action hero Vishal, Reginna  as thief and heroine shraddha played such a great role. The movie was entertaining and this kind of movies I like most. I felt good after watching this movie as the movie worth to watch for entertaining yourself.

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