This post will be successful only if tears come to your eyes. by steemdg

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This post will be successful only if tears come to your eyes.

The boy was seen standing with a magazine near the Rose 'House Building' footover He ran to anyone who passed by, and said in a low voice, "Sir, don't take a magazine, sir." Someone took it and someone pushed him away. I haven't seen the boy for the last two days But I used to look for him on my way to and from college 

Today, when I am going to college, I see the boy standing with a magazine in his hand Many people come and go in front of him, but like all the days, he is no longer running after people Not even telling anyone "Sir, take the magazine.

I stood there for a while but his strange behavior did not allow me to go forward Going in front of the boy, I saw that he was engrossed in some unknown meditation, with a drop or two of water in the corner of his eye.

Today I do not see any interest in selling his magazine He seems to have lost everything A cry of sadness in his voice I called him a little in front The two of them are sitting in a tea shop, I can understand that he is still tied to his movement

I ask him, "What happened to you?"
He is silent, saying nothing,
When he was jingled again, he said, "His mother died two days ago, for the treatment of which he used to sell a couple of magazines holding people's hands and feet." He ran like crazy. . The mother wanted to eat a lot of yoghurt in her last days but the unfortunate child could not feed her mother a spoonful of yoghurt. He is saying these things slowly and I am listening A drop of water came out of the corner of the eye of an unknown Maya

Today he is in no hurry to sell his magazine There is no carving in the stomach, there is no interest in earning two rupees His only delusion was, "What will happen to the newspaper today? !! What will he do with the money? Mother who is not there ৷ who will feed him a handful tonight! Who will he hug and sleep with ৷? "Well, sir. Will my mother go to heaven? "" I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "How can a mother who has given birth to a child like you not go to heaven? She must go. Your mother will not be in any trouble. He hugged me and started crying.

Tears came to my eyes too.
This post will be successful only if tears come to your eyes.

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