Early Death Of A Brother For The Wrong Treatment | Sad Side Of Life by steemit-fairy

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Early Death Of A Brother For The Wrong Treatment | Sad Side Of Life
3 days before of our yearly festival, my brother's whole body was getting cold at night. It goes on like this all night, there was fever before. His normal fever comes from a young age, then it goes down again. So at night, very early on Thursday morning, his parents took him to the hospital, but no hospital was admitting him because everything was off due to Eid, so he went to DAMEC Hospital. 

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He had a lot of stomach ache, but when he was taken to Dhaka Medical College, they said that nothing happened to him, he had a stomach ache after eating something bad.

The saline was going on because the doctors didn't let him drink a drop of water, he was fidgeting for water :) This is how the night goes, as the night goes on and he gets sick, he had a bed next to the doctors, but they never came to see him. As many patients as there were, they came and sat beside her crying all night.

But after a while a nurse came and gave him a lot of power sleeping pills, but he still has no sleep. I still remember him crying and saying that I will go to the next room :) Was going on) continues somehow.

The next day, due to the negligence of the same doctors, the father forced him to get tested for dengue from outside at 9 o'clock on Friday. He was reported to be dengue positive at 12:30 pm.

Where he was supposed to have 1.5 million platelets, the doctors came and told him to drink 1 liter of water per hour (he was unconscious at that moment).

Then the doctors brought a piece of paper to my father which said - "The doctors will not be responsible for your son's death at any time" (they were writing it down on a piece of paper). It was not like seeing my father's face at that moment.

After that, we hurried there, came to the hospital and saw that the main doctor was not there, he was on leave. At that time I couldn't think where to go or what to do. Later he was taken to ICU. After staying there, 12,000 platelets came.

The next day, on Saturday morning, on the morning of Eid, the doctor called mother to see him. Mother went to see him and gave him life support. The chances of the son surviving very low "- this is the only mother who understands the pain of any mother. 

Then the bleeding started, the blood is no longer taken inside. After that he died at 2:00 pm on the day of Eid. 6 hours after his death he was informed at 6 pm and he is no longer alive.

My brother died due to the wrong treatment of the only doctors. Due to their negligence, everything in his body fails and there is no treatment in such a place like DAMEC. They come to duty and sleep.

It's been 4 years since he died, there is no single day when me and my family doesn't miss my brother, if he today stay alive he would be eleven years old. Pray for his departed soul.
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