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"Fast and Furious: Special Operations", what do you expect from this film?
<p>&quot;Fast and Furious&quot; can always create a different time and space in two hours. Top masters from all over the world come together for a specific purpose to appreciate and be appreciated, do things that others think are impossible, and see the world. a sight that no one else could understand, achieving a goal only this team could understand.</p>
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<p>Such poetry and distance do not bring people to peace and silence like a lake, but extreme pleasure when soaring passion, unmatched pride and pride when entrusted by the appreciation and trust of the team. And this is the feeling of &quot;Quick Call&quot;, the trust of the audience garnered by the Van Diesel and Paul Dwayne Johnson team.</p>
<p>This feeling can still be seen in &quot;Fast and Furious: Special Operations&quot;, especially when the mood is sluggish, there are always emotional songs interspersed with it. These interspersed songs are all pretty good, but they always give the editor the feeling that the heroes are running late. Feelings are something that must be understood by others, and must be immersed in the invisible, cannot be directly expressed, are too easy to be sentimental, and make people feel that the author is not attentive.</p>
<p>If based on emotional considerations, I would give a three star rating.</p>


<p>In 20 years, 8 &quot;Fast and Passion&quot; has accumulated not only feelings, but also the introduction of strong screens: crazy racing cars, very seductive beautiful women, hormonal handsome men, destructive and arrogant, Passionate life disregarding ordinary rules, and fidelity the brother who moves the world, the extreme pleasure of always succeeding after all it is impossible to overcome all difficulties.</p>
<p>If you have a lot of memories of &quot;Fast and Furious&quot; in your mind, and are hoping to see the racing scene above that has your adrenal glands hovering in the film, I&#x27;m very sorry that &quot;Special Operations&quot; was a disappointment.</p>
<p>What if you just treated &quot;Special Operations&quot; as popcorn movies? It can only be rated as a Samsung, but the preferences are completely different.</p>
<p>It&#x27;s also fun to watch two straight men. Dashi Johnson&#x27;s strong physique has always been his pride. This time, Vanessa made a number of complaints, especially the part on the plane, to Johnson&#x27;s unprecedented embarrassment. The audience was also very cooperative and watched Johnson with great expectation. How to deal with this shame.</p>
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<p>While you can&#x27;t remember what vanessa and Hobbs came out of the theater for, that doesn&#x27;t get in the way of the sweetness and crunchiness of the popcorn.</p>
<p>Sister vanessa is also a big highlight. Sexy beauty is still very good. The fight with Johnson was even a little better. In addition, this girl is kind and reluctant to cause death, and more importantly, this girl. To save the world and take risks, immediately planted the virus on myself, but also faced the suspicion of the outside world, but also faced the pursuit and murder of superman, knowing that I may not be saved, I am determined to burn myself ... this girl This is a collection of sexy beauties, kung fu killers, kind-hearted angels and heroes to save the world. Apart from that, this beauty was also quite human, not ice and snow beauty, and when she was busy, she could have a relationship scene with Dashi Johnson.</p>
<p><img src="https://steemitimages.com/640x0/https://upload-images.jianshu.io/upload_images/2704173-d6d3df0fa0d3e9c8.png?imageMogr2/auto-orient/strip|imageView2/2/w/1080/format/webp"/></p>
<p>If &quot;Special Operations&quot; is a popcorn film, Hobbes and Shaw are responsible for the fresh taste part, and the younger sibling is responsible for the surface sweetness of the popcorn.</p>
<p>Is popcorn nutritious? At least &quot;Special Operations&quot; also added a super positive energy section.</p>
<p>This Samoan mother said that what we can win in group fights is not how good the weapons are, but the sincerity of our family team. Cold guns against chip guns, helicopters against trucks, islanders too fat to walk fight with specially trained assassins, it&#x27;s pathetic, chip guns locked away for six minutes, and helicopters cross counted by a series of candied fruit trucks The car was dragged away. , and the islanders used a variety of tactics to completely cover up the special killer.</p>
<p>Because of this, it was very inconvenient to write this to a screenwriter, and it was not easy for the director to deliberately ignore certain things in order to express it. More importantly, at least in those two hours, before the audience leaves the venue, the director has to convince the audience that these things are really possible, and this victory will surely arrive at this goal. It&#x27;s a little difficult. From the point of view of the difficulty of the director, you have to add another star rating.</p>
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<p>In addition, not to mention the pseudo-nutritional portion of popcorn, a box of popcorn can provide at least a few hundred calories of calories, which is also a kind of nutrient, if the person lacks nothing but calories.</p>
<p>Without further ado, whether popcorn or nutritious food must be eaten before it can be evaluated. Other than that, it&#x27;s a box of chocolates in A-Gump&#x27;s hand. Somehow the taste touched. I s. In addition, this fall, fake early fall, authentic late summer, there must be a cool place to stay, there must be a target to let out the heat, whether it&#x27;s feelings, popcorn, special items or special trash. Well, after reading and evaluating it is the correct answer, and the fare is well worth it.</p>
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