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Film | Seven foot male cross-dressing show
<p>Marcus and Kevin are black FBI agents. They just screwed up on a drug dealer arrest. To make up for it, they apply to escort the two daughters of postal tycoon Wilson to Hampton, but there is a car accident on the way, Tiffany The faces of Britney and Britney are bruised, and they are angry that they refused to attend a weekend party, but Marcus and Kevin have no choice but to leave. fight personally.</p>

<p>They pretend to be Wilson&#x27;s sister at the party, and they get into a fight with Van der Gogh&#x27;s sister as soon as they enter the door. The strife between the women was very bad. It turns out that there is nothing wrong with men arguing with women. Aggressive &quot;Tiffany&quot; and &quot;Britney&quot;. Taking advantage of their natural advantage, they have been steadily repelled and their combat effectiveness has exploded.</p>
<p>Marcus and Kevin go shopping with Karen, Lisa and Dolly, the five of them, the master&#x27;s group of friends, to style. Marcus forcefully put on clothes that didn&#x27;t fit properly, and turned his head back. Unexpectedly, it was a &quot;blow&quot;. American comedy is accustomed to very exaggerated humorous methods, and the effects are very obvious. After all, not every comedy has a seven-foot male &quot;explosive suit&quot;.</p>


<p>At a &quot;ladies&quot; pajama party of five, Karen tells four other people what she can&#x27;t ask for: Have you ever experienced what it feels like to really care about someone? You call her every day, just wondering how she lives today How, what is she thinking, spent all day dressing up, even changing her hairstyle, just to let her see it, and sometimes I really hope to swap roles with her, she would know this feeling &quot;, This Paragraph Words is a true picture of every girl who has a crush.</p>
<p>Marcus is forced to have dinner with black star Radril. You two come and go to the table. Marcus is very rude, puts his tripod on the table, and farts casually, trying to scare him, but Things backfire, but Ladril actually likes him even more. Black star Ladriel is definitely one of the highlights in the film, especially when she pretends to tell Marcus all kinds of local love, tease him, and want to give Marcus medicine, and end up making himself up, I have to say this. .</p>
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<p>Paper bags cannot hold fire. Their pretense of being Wilson&#x27;s sisters is revealed. Marcus and Kevin were fired. Two frustrated people go on their way and receive news that the ransom is all with Van der Gogh&#x27;s fingerprints. They decided to turn around and participate in the catwalk. The place is messed up by some women, and the audience thinks it&#x27;s a revolutionary creation. I can only say that the people of your town really know how to play.</p>
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<p>The ending, of course, both of them successfully complete their task. Kevin reaps the heart of the beautiful reporter, and Marcus manages to recover his wife. The confession between him and his wife Gina may not be that many women can resist: &quot;Even though I did not treat you Loyal, but I committed a crime by being more serious about my work than my wife. I have committed a crime of being ungrateful for all the trivial things you have. do it for me. I don&#x27;t pay attention to the little changes you make, like as if you style your hair and wear it. My favorite perfume, but my most serious crime is not telling you every day-I love you &quot;, very nice woman to be seduced, little praise from you, a little gentleness can catch them off guard and forgive you.</p>
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<p>&quot;Miss White&quot; is not only a successful comedy film, but also expresses reflections on several issues. Two black agents who pretend to be white girls, boy and girl, black and white, the result of the misalignment of the pair is none other than. yourself in place. Marcus understands his wife&#x27;s thoughts through Karen&#x27;s narrative. The black star Ladriel was very persistent in his pursuit of the white girl, even shouting: nigger, these conflicts have been made easy, but they have not disappeared.</p>
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