Campus Games- Season 1/Week 1- OASIS- Team SPARTA. by spyrex

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Campus Games- Season 1/Week 1- OASIS- Team SPARTA.




Dimensions are simply various  facets of what we believe to be reality. We are aware of the theory about the three dimensions that surround us on a daily basis which defines the length, width, and depth of all objects in our universe.

Beyond these three dimensions, some scientists believe that there may be many other dimensions unheard of . In fact, the theoretical framework of Superstring Theory stated that the universe exists in ten different dimensions, personally i believe there are more, countless , multiple dimensions unheard of. These different aspects are what govern the universe, the fundamental forces of nature, and all the elementary particles contained within.
   I have a theory that all these universes are linked together, through some sort of portals, in each universe there is a loop hole leading to another, take for example what we know as a Bermuda triangle  where ships and planes get lost might just be a portal to the sixth or 7th or 8th dimension. The ocean in its vastness remains 70% unexplored with trenches leading to a hollow verse or more. I believe in an ocean, a river, an oasis somewhere there is an inter dimensional portal that remains unseen an unexplored. 
Thank you


#### Classroom Confrence at The Elites College


Uhm.. thank you for that......well detailed lesson mr....? 
My name is spyrex sir, 
oh well thank you spyrex, you have a wild imagination don't you, *the class roars in laughter* that being said these are just conspiracies but I appreciate your effort towards this project. 
*Spyrex, stares in silence and disbelief* 
Well, the next student to defend their project is, miss Samantha, you can go have your sit spyrex.

<sub>later in the day<\sub>

   Damn i can’t believe the professor wrote you off like that.

Its cool swaylee at least i got a B+, *spyrex lifts up his project paper with a forced smile*

Hey don’t go down like that , for what is worth, i do believe you.

Yeah tell that to the rich assholes in this school looking down on the average class boy who got a scholarship at their elite school. 

Okay thats it, *swaylee halts midway on the corridor*. How about we go explore your research then?
Explore my research? Dont be funny man *spyrex scoffs*😂 you cant be serious, do you think the college would pay for my expedition or equipments? *He asks*

*Swaylee stares at him in disbelief,* 👋 hello?? School for rich people remember? Besides asides me im sure there are other people intrested in your work, for example dayo is the son of the prince of dubai and his dad funds scientific research programs to increase his country’s fame and reputation im sure he’ll be intrested. 

Hmm, i never really thought of it that way, i guess you’re right, we can actually do this, you can meet up with him and ill try inviting our other friends, im sure they’ll want to have fun or go on an expedition with us. *spyrex responds suddenly elated*

Now thats the spirit, dont bring more than 5 though, ill speak to my dad so we can use his jet. Meanwhile get all of them lets meet at our dorm and plan this tommorrow. 

Thanks swaylee, this really means alot.

Hey dont sweat it, see you later 👋 ive got somewhere to be. *He walks up to his purple parked Lamborghini and zooms off with Spyrex staring at the car leave with a smile and a wave*



####  Back at the dorm

*The dorm looks nice open, painted all white, some flowers around  an indoor bathrub, a huge flat screen with game consoles, Poltrona Frau Kennedee sofa. A room with two master beds and a kitchen within the living room, basically what you’d expect from a son of a billionaire*


So where exactly do you think this dimensional portal is, cause im as hell not going close to a Bermuda Triangle, *dayo asks*

I dont think there’ll be any need to worry about that. With my feeds from swaylees dad’s satellite, i checked  the current frequency readings around the globe, the Bermuda Triangle gave off one but i noticed another which is similar, and it came from around the sahel. *spyrex explains*

Sahel? I never signed up going to the desert yo, i just wanna chill, *rita cuts in*

Dont be alarmed, *spyrex laughs😂* it’s actually nothing serious, there is an oasis around there plus we can sky dive there if you want. Ill try making it as fun as possible. Just understand that this is a really big deal for me and ill love to carry out this research, we could all be making history here think about it.

*Rita stares at him for a while*, oh what the hell, im in.
*spyrex pulls out a map and places it on the table*


We’ll be off to the airport next week since its the holidays. The area rest within this region, its like an island with the desert.

We know what an oasis is spyrex, *noski cuts in while going through his phone nonchalantly* 

Uhm well in that case, i guess thats all, we’ll meet at the airport by 5 and go to the dubai research facility where some scientists will escort us courtesy of dayos dad.

we’ll each have coms to reach out to each other just to be safe, *dayo adds in*

Hey enough of all  the nerd talk, who’s ready to partyy, *swaylee lifts two bottles of champagnes high into the air* 

finally something i can relate to, *rita walks over to join swaylee*

Uhm i guess thats all then, *Spyrex says as everyone had already left to join the party crew*


####  Space tech laboratory  in dubai


Hello spyrex, weve been expecting you, come in.
 *a huge complex filled with scientists in lab coats constantly walking around, spyrex and his team are led to the astrological research lab* 

Is my dad around? *Dayo asks* 
uhm i dont think so, im sure he has other pressing concerns master dayo*
Oh i thought as much, *dayo looks away dissapointed*

So shall we get to it?
We were able to pick up the signals, we got from your gear , we can specifically pinpoint where the frequency is coming from but we know it’s within the oasis. Dr scott and Dr samantha will be escorting you to make this research. I read some of your work which is quite impressive, the theories seem possible so it wont hurt to try out.

Do you plan to use a car or would you use a plane. 
I think we would prefer using a car *Dr scott jumps in immediately*
Scared already scott, *samatha laughs*.
No im not... im just... ughhh okay fine plane it is then ..


####  the oasis

Ahhhh!!!ahhhhh ahhhh. 
Dr SCOT!!! CALM DOWN!! *samantha calls out to scott mid air while they sky dived into the zone* HOLD MY HANDS AND PULL OUT THE CHUTE WHEN I DO MINE OKAY?? *scott nods with fear all around his body*
OKAY NOW!!! *the all pull their parachutes 🪂 landing safely on dry sand close to the oasis.

😳 WOW, this is beautiful, rita voiced out as they all turn around from the pile of sand to the only vegetation and water around.


Last one to the stream gets to host a house party when we get back. *Rita races happily while the others join her behind and spyrex stares at her smiling* 
*He turns towards Scott and  Samantha who pulls out her frequency indicator*
 Cmon lets join them.
Okay... *Samantha says with a worried look*
Hey uhm spyrex?
Yea whatsup?

 The frequency activity here is going off the charts something definitely is in there.
Wait what? Let me see * stares at the indicator*
Ha!! I knew it, in their face!!!!! Wooooo!!!

Uhm if there truly is an inter dimensional portal within the oasis should it be wise for them to be going into it, *scot asks*

Wait what? Ohh no oh no 
Call her back.. 

*rita dives into the water,  the other are close to joining her just as they hear a voice calling out their names*
 Hey it seems they are calling us.. HEYY WHATS WRONG!!!

DONT GO INTO THE WATER *spyrex screams back at them while running towards the oasis to stop them*

What did he say? Rita asks.
I think he said we shouldn’t go into the ..... *noski looks back to the water where rita once was* ..... water. 

Where did rita go? Swaylee asks

*Spyrex gets to the crew panting as hard as ever* 
oh thank goodness, no one got into the water.

Uhm Spyrex? *dayo stares at the water* i think we have a problem.

What problem? *spyrex asks*

Rita is gone..
Gone? What do you mean by gone . Wait no no no no no
We need to go after her, how long has it been. Spyrex asks
 I dont know half a minute or so.

Scott and Samantha catches up with them panting too. W...hh..aatt ....happened *scott asks panting like he ran a marathon* 

Rita went through the portal and we need to go get her back *spyrex responds*
Wait what? Samantha cuts in, i cant let you guys do that, you could get lost or worse we have no idea whats on the other side, 

That’s exactly why we need to get her back!! She might be in danger. *spyrex respond ms furiously*

Cmon guys please, i know we didn't sign up for this but we’ve got to correct this. 

Scott looks around perplexed ...
Swaylee  place his hands over his head and walks back and fowards 🙆🏽‍♂️..
Dayo stands still without saying a word..
Noski sits on the floor to gather his thoughts..

Okay man but how do we get back? *Swaylee asks*

Good question, i have a theory on that. 
Remember when i asked you the time she jumped in.
 I believe inter dimensional travels through realities follows different timelines. So if  we go to the other dimension it means it could have been a day or hours before rita jumped in so all we have to do is wait till the exact time before jumping in back.

And if you dont jump in at the exact time? *Dayo asks*

Well we might just land into another dimension, the loop inter changes based on time itself and itll be a little more difficult to find our way back if we loop twice into different dimensions.

Are you really sure we should be doing this spyrex, it really sounds like a bad idea, look i know you liked rita but for all we know she could be dead of something.

Spyrex looks at swaylee furiously, she isnt dead lee, we just have to get her back and if that were you , you know i wouldnt hesitate to jump in there to help you out fam.

*swaylee walks back and forth still thinking his decision* fuckk!!! Mehn why did we  have to be so reckless. You owe me one for this man.

Alright guys we cant all go in at the same time so just swaylee  and i would have to go in. Our coms wouldn’t work even if we are within range of the portal , sound can’t move through realities.  Send messages to the command centre cause we have no idea what is on the other side.

Which is why i brought this, *swaylee pulls out a gun*


Wait what?
Where did you even get that from? Spyrex asks
From one of my body guards, im sure itll come in handy. So let’s go.


####   The 6ix dimension

okay we are in the water, toss me an indicator there. *Samantha tosses one over to spyrex*. So i guess we’ll just wait now until it.............
(*They are dragged by current under water until they pop back up on the same river*)

*Aaah,aaahh spyrex and swaylee pants seriously* 
Wtf was that  *swaylee asks*


I dont know but i dont think we are still at the oasis we know, *spyrex says while looking up*
*Swaylee confused at this point looks at what spyrex is staring in at*
Ohh God, where are we


*Spyrex looks at the frequency on his indicator* i think this is the 6th dimension bro.
But no one said it would be more advanced than ours. *swaylee looks around still perpelexed*

*Outside the oasis there stood a long tower in between, flying space pods and strange looking beings*

Are  those aliens? Swaylee points at one walking on a bridge with other humans walking by like it was normal.

Pssss!! Spyrex!!!! Heyyy!!!! *a faint voice calls out*

Rita? Hey swaylee rita!! Haa i told you man i knew we would find her. 
Fast lets swim out before we are teleported somewhere else.
*Just as they had come out of the water a voice calls out*

Wait what?
*Two men pull out their gun and shoots them with some kind of stunner*
*Spyrex and swaylee fall to the ground and Blacks out*


####   The intergalactic headquarters 

Ughhhwhats happening, 
*spyrex wakes up on the floor in a cold room, he looks over to his side and swaylee lays there snoring*
Tf? Dude! Wake up!!  *he kicks him.*

*swaylee wakes up startled like he’d been having an action filled dream*

Oh ugh ah who's there... whos there... *he positions in a snake style martial arts pose as though he knows what he is doing*

Relax jackie chan, we are still in the sixth universe, that was no dream.
Damn, i really wish it was, any idea where we are? Swaylee asks?
Not really but if im to guess, its prolly some kind of prison. *spyrex walks foward towards the door and hits his head on cold air.* the fuck!! *he puts his hand on his nose to check if he bleed*


Am i crazy or are we in some kind of force field containment, 
Dude you discovered a way to go to the  sixth dimension, im pretty sure ordinary  things like this shouldn’t move you again.

Haha funny 😒 *spyrex looks at swaylee sarcastically*
But what about rita though, shouldn’t she be with us?

Yh  where is she?

**A distant voice from a speaker within the room calls out. Ahh so you two weren't the only ones to come here.**

Who said that, *swaylee moves backwards confused.*

**I am in charge of the intergalactic force, commander Gelton, its more like what your people call the police. As you well know you have trespassed into out dimension and for security reasons we have to keep you contained.**

Keep us contained? Do we look like we have a virus or we’re terrorists, *swaylee cuts in*

**I dont know, you tell me** , *the commander points to the gun and indicator placed ontop of the desk*.

**You see unlike your undeveloped dimension, we here have gone far and have exporled beyond this planet, earth to day is part of the coalition of planets hence youve notice the aliens walking around. **
**You see we always know about this portals and we situated security protocols incase there was a bridge or invasion henc which is why you’re here.**

Okay sir, i think this whole situation must have been misunderstood, the gun was just for protection, we have never been to another dimension, you don’t expect us to go in blind not knowing what to expect.

**I understand that, mr...**
spyrex , my name is spyrex.
**Okay then mr spyrex but we cant have you going back after all you’ve seen here, you might as well share it with your counterparts.**

Even if we did, shouldn't that be  a good thing? I mean you worked with aliens and working with inter dimensional relations is wrong? *swaylee asks*

**You see there are somethings that are not meant to be, so we are trying to avoid a reality dis balance.**

**When everyone has assess to travel whenever they want, it creates more portals all around and more portals create....**

A black hole , *spyrex cuts in perpelexed*

**Yes exactly, mr Spyrex now i hope you understand that this is for the good of everyone.**

Hey spyrex i dont care about this, what about our friends and family, we need to get back bro.

**Sorry for the inconvenience but when we cant let you go, thank you** . * the commander ends the transmission and the room goes silent*

*psss psss an armed guard calls out from the corridor, spyrex looks out to see who it is just for the guard to take of her cap*

Yes guys its me, i need to get you guys out of here, we need to get home.

How? How did you do it *swaylee  asks confusingly*
 oh me?  When i noticed guards coming i held my breath and stayed under the water till they left, worked my way into the building and stole some clothes from the solider locker room.

Nice, *swaylee smiles*

Now i get why you like her.....*spyrex stares back at swaylee in disbelief*
Oh .. oops she wasn’t supposed to know that sorry bro.
*rita looks back at Spyrex with a blush and a sudden awkwardness dawns on the room*

Okay so how do we get out of here, we have about, *he stares into his watch* 40mins to leave here or we’ll be sent to a different dimension.

Oh that,i have a key lock card, *rita swipes her card at the scanner and the force field falls off, Spyrex stretches his hand forward to be sure*
Okay lee, its off, 

cmon guys we need to go, *the three rushed hurriedly and got out side the complex just for an alarm to blare out* WARNING ⚠️ 🚨 WARNING, INTRUDERS, 

HEY!! There they are, get them!! * a security operative yells*
Oh shit they found us *rita comments with fear in her tone*

*a man gets out his car and swaylee shoves him aside and gets into the car*
Cmon guys get in, hurry!!

*the car is filled with a lot of buttons and they all look at it confusingly*
Uhm lee can you drive this thing? *spyrex asks*

I own a lambo, i can drive anything *swaylee boasts out arrogantly*


Okay then go go go!!
*Swaylee manages to get the car moving*
Oh good we lost them,
 *just immediately a plasma gunshot hits the car from above* 

Woahhh!! What was that?? *Spyrex asks*

*swaylee looks at the side mirror* <sub>objects seen on the mirror may be closer than they appear</sub>

Uhm guys, i think i see flying cars and they are certainly closer than they appear, 

Shit what do we do *rita cries out*
[*boom💥another  shot hits the top of the car*]
Can this thing fly? Spyrex asks
I dont know man , youre the genuis here figure it out. *Swaylee responds while trying to avoid damage as much as possible*

Thought you owned a lambo dumbass😒 *spyrex mumbles while trying to figure the buttons out*

Okay guys i think this is it,*he clicks on the button and suddenly the wheels go in and changes to a airplane mode, slowly they begin to rise into the air.*


Okay sure, i can try navigating this, swaylee looks at the new strange set of wheels before him. 

Hey!! *Rita calls out looking through the window*, i see the  oasis, but how do we get  there without them hitting us.

I have an idea *swaylee swerves while smiling devlishly*  do you guys trust me? 

Uhm eww no, *rita responds as though irritated*

You've got no choice sweetie, 
I will try piloting this thing low enough and you two will just have to jump in okay?

What about you  lee, *spyrex asks*
Dont worry about me, ill be right behind you, someone has to keep these amateurs busy. *swaylee replies*

You sure about this?
Yes bro just go.
I better not look for you then.
Sure thing fam.
Alright rita on the count of 3 
here we go, 

Ahhhhhhhhhh <sub>splash</sub> 


*they land inside the water and try swimming back up just to find themselves back in their reality* 

Dayoo!!!! *noski cries out* 
they are back yoo they are back.

Spyrex and rita swims to the shore and lay on the floor trying to catch their breath

Uhm what of  swaylee, *dayo asks*

*spyrex gets up hurriedly and looks at his watch*, oh shit, fuck he’s almost out of time, he promised he’ll be right behind me, i cant loose you bro, cmon mudafuka!! Cmon!!!

10more seconds to go, 5,4

*just then a car flys out of the water into the air crashing on the sand*

Oh you mother fucker!! *spyrex laughs out loud* you fucking made it,

*Swaylee opens up the door*,
 did someone  order an inter dimensional uber? 
Everyone laughs in disbelief,

Is that a flying car? *Scott asks*

Trust me scott you wont believe what we saw down there, for now I believe there is nothing more to this research, the theory has been proven and this facility need to be kept  safe within the researchers.

But i get to keep the car though, *swaylee cuts in*

Bro we dont even know if that shit runs on fuel or nuclear power, *Spyrex replies*

Dont worry about that, ill have the best auto shop looking into it, for now im keeping it.

Suit yourself then.

*Spyrex leaves the rest and walks towards the edge of the water to look at it once more prpud of his achievement , rita notices this and walks up to him*

So about that other talk, is it true? *Rita asks*

Uhm well... *spyrex blushes* yeah i guess, but its no big deal if you dont feel the same way though, im sorry you had to find out that way..

Calm down, *she holds his hands* 
Its okay if you do.
Wanna go out for dinner sometime?

Uhm yeah, dinner would be great, *spyrex replies*

See you soon then, *rita walks away to join swaylee and the others with the questions and random stories*

Well i guess the day ended up being a double success🙂 *spyrex smiles and walks back up to meet with the others*

#   THE END!!!

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