[Short story] Chaos and Rigor by pedrobrito2004

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[Short story] Chaos and Rigor
I am taking up some creativity exercises that I had done weeks ago. At that moment, I let chance take me to choose words in a random generator and with those words I would search for a photo that was in a free online service, but this time, I came across a series of short stories and various written that I wrote some years ago and that I have not shared in English, so I thought about translating and publishing them.



[Source: PxHere](https://pxhere.com/es/photo/982378)

Everything in the universe requires a balance for its existence. The universe itself is no exception to such a rule. For the harmonic imbalance that the existing needs, agents are required to take care of the essential jobs: creation and destruction. Indissoluble aspects of life that continually transform.

Those in charge of these tasks are designated with very different names, but fundamentally these refer to their own attributes, this leads to the error of judging them according to the convenience of races or planets in particular. For this reason, those in charge of destroying another planet are taken as good if they annihilate an opposing race and as bad if what they attack is our own race.

Creators are also subjected to these limited perceptions of the very creatures they have created, who go on to develop a whole series of elaborate rituals and sacrifices that they have never asked for but are left to be and do as they please while it arrives. their turn to be exterminated.

Everything is that simple. In the end, everything has an explanation, which once accepted is simple ... but this is not always the case, there are times when the balance is broken and you must work quickly to correct the course if you want to continue with the existence of the universe.

The forces of creation and destruction usually show very different aspects of themselves, but they also transcend their forms and often converse in their essences. On one occasion it was the creative force gradually distributing a strong amount of energy that its partner had released by destroying an old star. But suddenly another much younger and more vigorous star was destroyed, a commotion began and the following dialogue occurred.

- Chaos! What are you doing? I still haven't finished distributing the energy you released and you've already put more free power there.

- I thought you were done, Rigor.

- Of all my names you know that I do not like that much.

- Well, I don't like it when you call me chaos.

- Well, but the point is that you blew a star when it wasn't.

- But I think it was his turn.

- No, it wasn't his turn, he was very young. Good that you do it, now I have a mess of imbalance and if it is not resolved, a chain reaction begins.

- Well, use that energy fast.

- Clear! It's easy to say after all anyone can destroy, you have no idea how delicate it is to distribute energy properly so as not to create bigger problems.

- Hey, that I am the destroyer does not mean that I do not have my merits, without me you have no energy to build anything.

- And without me, you have nothing new to destroy.

- We can leave this discussion until after we solve the problem.

- Don't avoid me with that excuse, I'm sick of your carelessness, Chaos.

- And I'm tired of your manias of extreme order Rigor. Can't you make it easier?

- Calm? You are initiating the destruction of the entire universe, which by the way, is also ours And you ask me to calm down!

- I think you take it very seriously.

- What? Are you crazy? Are you going to kill us? I have to take it to heart if we want to continue living.

- Do you think I don't understand the problem? I know I screwed up and that could cost us our lives.

- But you're not the one who has to break your brain looking for a solution. "Are you forgetting that we are actually the same creature?" Your anguish is mine and despite my apparent lightness of character, I understand your ideas.

- Well, let's leave the discussion and see, I can give rise to another star. No, if I put it wrong I create more problems. I can open a new vertex of time, but that must be considered before it is done.

- I have it! You create a new creature and we get out of this.

- Chaos, it would be too bright a creature, it would stand out among its peers and it can cause us problems.

- Does that mean I shouldn't have created it?

- What?

- Well, it seemed so urgent, and since it was my mistake ...

- You created a creature with all the power you released! That is an irresponsible act!

- We no longer have a chain reaction risk.

- Chaos, definitely, it is better that you leave the creative work in my hands.

- I haven't done that bad.

- Well, that is the problem, you have come across a very portentous creation and that is also a risk.

- Rigor, you see problems everywhere, come on, it doesn't have to be so bad.

- Let me see if it can be fixed a bit. Well, the species you chose and the specific race can help us a bit, instead of one I can divide them in two.

- Like us.

- Two almost identical creatures, sharing common energy, but each one will make it grow differently.

- Can we place the predispositions now?

- I think you like this mess.

- Well, it's like getting out of the routine a bit.

- You behave like a small child. Well, what are we going to do about it? Since you created them, give them the traits.

- I rarely have the opportunity to create, I can't think of what to do.
- Well, I have some ideas ...

- Nothing of that! This time I believe them, so I model the foundations for them.

- Good, you have two to work with.

- Let's play duality.

- Sun and moon. That is not very original.

- Will serve.

- I remind you that both creatures are identical biologically, so you can't have a man and a woman, yin and yan, or other of those things.

- Don't be so simplistic, I can have duality even when they are identical in the rest. From one will be the sun, animosity and drive, vivacity and blazing brilliance. The other will be the moon, knowledge, meditation, knowledge, and illumination that allows us to see even at night.

- Not bad, but remember that they surely have to grow together, so each creature will take a bit of the other in its formation process.

- That's why both entities will be complete.

- They still have a lot of energy, too much for their creation to be completely safe.

- I've already thought about it, I'll give both entities one last feature, with that I'll fix everything. The ability to transmit from oneself to others will leave a mark in every place, person, animal, and thing with which they come across.

- Magnific, I'm surprised how easy it was to solve the problem.

- Don't get used to it, this is your job.

- I think we're going to change the roles a bit for a while.

- How?

- A comet has just collapsed and since you're creating ...

- But…

- Nothing, it's up to you to solve the kind of trouble you were causing, plus it's up to me to destroy a little.

While the forces argued and ended up laughing at themselves, on a planet lost in the mantle of lights, two souls were born united by blood and energy. Born from the same womb and destined to have an intense shine inside. A kind of creature that can hardly be missed by the observing eye ... just like mine.


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