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[Short story] Gladiator, Blood, Sand and Sun by pedrobrito2004

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[Short story] Gladiator, Blood, Sand and Sun
I am taking up some creativity exercises that I had done weeks ago. At that moment, I let chance take me to choose words in a random generator and with those words I would search for a photo that was in a free online service, but this time, I came across a series of short stories and various written that I wrote some years ago and that I have not shared in English, so I thought about translating and publishing them.


[Source: PxHere](https://pxhere.com/es/photo/1205972)

I am back on the ground. Once again I have fallen before them, I have almost no strength, blood flows from my open wounds. The deafening roar of beasts pretending to be human cries out for blood. Beasts that see me as a beast.

I listen to my two opponents "I think it doesn't give anymore", "It's time to finish it then", "Well, I hold his head and you cut it off".

They come closer to me. I'm already tired, I don't want to continue. Today would be my last appearance in the arena, the sword master has made sure that it is.

I am a gladiator, already very old, my best years of fighting have passed, I have trained my successors and being at the limit I have the opportunity to earn my freedom and a bag of gold to live, but my lord ordered a last fight that he knew that I couldn't win.

Something comes to my memory. Once, when I was training with javelins as a young man, they made us throw them to rats in the entrance hall to the cage of beasts. They were easy targets to find on our grounds and difficult to hit, a good test of skill, the fact is that we always managed to kill them. But once something different happened ...

A rat that we released ran, when the first javelin fell close, it stopped and turned against us, looking at us. We threw another batch and he ran away. We understood, he was waiting to be able to dodge us, that's how he was and managed to escape alive to the bars of the beasts, we ran to find out if they killed him, but we never managed to find out, some of us thought deep down that he managed to escape.

If a rat could bend his destiny and achieve the impossible, how can I give up? Am I less than that beast. I will not be less than that filthy creature,

And I am a gladiator! I struggle and manage to half sit up, using my sword as a staff in the sand. The reflection of the sun on the blade accentuated the pathetic of my state, I can see it even though I have almost a veil of blood in my eyes.

They look at me in surprise and in silence, I place the sword resting on my tired and aching shoulders. I speak to the pair in front of me: "It is time for you to show me if you learned everything I taught you"
For a moment the doubt is drawn on their face, I have reminded them that I am their teacher, the only family they have in this hell. They hesitate, but take the attack again, refusing would cause the death of all three. The public is silent, they did not expect to see me standing.

The attack is direct, they don't bother with detours. They see me weak. I drop when I feel them close, my sword turns with my body, it seems that they knock me down, but we all fall to the ground. The public is expectant. Silence.

I start to get up and see my students in their last throes. My sword serves again as a staff, I limp to the balcony of the swordmaster, under it is the exit door, direct exit from the sand to the city, freedom is distinguished between the bars. The public begins to cheer me. Beasts like winners.

The teacher bites his lips in anger, gets up and throws the bag of gold that was in sight, raises his hands and the doors to my life open. I turn to the audience as I pick up the bag. I stand up and raise my sword one last time in the sand.

The cries that before asked for my death now cry out in admiration for my life. I throw the sword on the ground and it sticks there, I don't want to use it anymore where I go. I walk down the hall to leave without looking back.

 I am free! Free...

In the arena, the People roar and celebrate before the gladiator's sword stuck in the sand, reflecting the rays of the sun while blood still drips from its guard.


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