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A real human in Indian society by blacks

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· @blacks ·
A real human in Indian society

Humanity is the greatest goal of human life. Humanity is the best religion in human life. But sadly, there is a great lack of humanity in today's society. Even in this horrible social disorder, some people continue to practice the religion of humanity. I met. I feel very good to think that there are still such good people in society. Maybe because there are true human beings like them, the victory of truth in the world is inevitable.

After a long lockdown, the unlock process has started a few days ago. However, the lockdown is still going on in our area. But a few days ago, I went to the Barasat-Siliguri highway, with my bike. Naturally looked very good.

After going some distance like this, I saw a man taking out petrol from his bike and pouring it on the bike of a little boy and his grandmother. So a man named Anik came forward in danger of the boy becoming a conscious citizen. He took out the oil from his bike and gave it to them and they thanked him and said goodbye.

This incident made me very happy. My respect for the boy named Anik grew.

But sadly, what happened next is very disappointing. Anik told me later that mutual values ​​and sympathy in society have reached a low point. The bike ran out of oil. The oil pump was about 1 km away from there. It was very difficult to push the bike as far as possible. But no one helps him. It's hard for Anik to accept, but he cares about his philosophy. He accepts the experience as a reality.

There is a great need for people like Anik in this society. Such people should be more visible in society. Then our society will become more beautiful and colorful.
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