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Animals - Worksheet for kids
<p>We have already looked at different farm animals and how they are of use to us.  We can either use them for meat or other products.</p>
<h2>Today we will be looking at wild animals, but before we do that , lets refresh our memories on farm animals.</h2>
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<p><em>1.  Discuss and find pictures of the different </em><em><strong>products</strong></em><em> the following farm animals will give us</em></p>
<p><em>2.  What </em><em><strong>function</strong></em><em> can a horse have on a farm?</em></p>
<p><em>3.  What type of animals are called </em><em><strong>poultry</strong></em><em>?</em></p>
<p><em>4.  What </em><em><strong>work</strong></em><em> can a cow/ox do?</em></p>
<p><em>5.  Which farm animal is your</em><em><strong> favorite</strong></em><em> and why do you say that?</em></p>
<h2>Wild animals</h2>
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<p>Wild animals are animals which is not domesticated or tame.  They live in the wild and find food for themselves. Some of them can be very dangerous and you always need to be careful of a wild animal.</p>
<p>If you live in South Africa, you will know that we are the country of the big 5.  The lion, cheetah, buffalo, elephant and rhino.</p>
<ul><li><em>Have you ever seen any of these wild animals in real life?</em></li><li><em>watch the video and listen to the sounds these animals make</em></li></ul>
<p><a href="">source</a></p>
<p>Tourist come from all over the world to visit South Africa&#x27;s Game reserves to see our wild animals.  A game reserve is a place where the animals life in their natural habitat and are not kept in cages.</p>
<p>These wild animals have certain patterns on their bodies or a specific colour to camouflage (blend in with the area) themselves.</p>
<ul><li><em>Watch the video to see how some wild animals camouflage themselves</em></li></ul>
<p><a href="">source</a></p>
<ul><li><em><strong>For extra knowledge/enrichment</strong></em><em> - We all love to learn.  We do not only have to learn stuff that we know we will write a test on.  It is good to have some </em><em><strong>general knowledge</strong></em><em>.  Open the link and choose at least 5 (you can choose more) animals that you would like to know more about.  You can also find some extra pictures or videos on these animals.  How cool will it be to tell your friends, parents or siblings something about these animals they did not know?  </em><a href=""><em></em></a></li><li><em><strong>For fun - Design </strong></em><em>your own Game reserve with all the different wild animals you want to put in there.  You can build a 3D-model and cut out or draw pictures of the different animals.  If you want to use plastic animals, that is also fine.  Use your imagination and enjoy creating a habitat (house/place to live) for your wild animals.</em></li></ul>
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<p>Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone</p>
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