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The Last Program, the Students Distribute Liquid Soap |
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To help the people affected by Coivid-19 so that purchasing power decreased, the students of Universitas Malikussaleh in Indonesia, made liquid soap and distributed it to underprivileged people.

The distribution of dish soap was carried out as the last work program of Group 117 in Desa Geudong Alue, Bireuen, Aceh. "We distributed the liquid soap for washing dishes in three hamlets to ease the burden on the residents," said Chairman of Group 117, Arief Munandar, Sunday (05/17/2020).

According to the Civil Engineering student, the liquid soap that was distributed was the result of its own production. They initiated the creation of liquid dish washing soap independently because the soap was needed by residents. "Previously, we had completed a program that was directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic," continued Arief.

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The Community Service Program of Group 117 assesses that the need for liquid soap for washing dishes is also in contact with the Covid-19 outbreak because so far the people's purchasing power has declined. So, students took the initiative to make liquid soap and distribute it to residents in three hamlets. "We were also assisted by Gampong Geudong Alue officials when distributing soap to residents," Arief said again.

Although the product is independent, Arief continued, the residents are very happy to receive liquid soap because it is easily soluble in water and is able to produce abundant foam which speeds up the washing process.

"Apart from that, dish soap is a product that is needed every day by the community. And this is also our reason why choosing liquid soap as part of the work program," explained Arief.

After packing up to 300 bags, they distributed the liquid dishwashing soap to residents in need in the Dusun Cot Bada, Dusun Ule Gampong, and Dusun Krut Mameh.

One of the Geudong Alue devices, Zul Afdar SE, praised the quality of the liquid soap produced by the Group 117 concoction.

He hopes students can reduce the ability to mix liquid soap to residents. Even though it is not possible by Group 117 because the community service program (CSP) period has ended, the training can be continued by other students who conduct CSP in Geudong Alue. "Maybe it can ease the burden on citizens' expenses," said Zul Afdar.

The 117 group, chaired by Arief Munandar, consists of Ryan Muttaqien and Muhammad S Sabri from Civil Engineering, Nur Asmawati from Mathematics Education, and Cut Yulisa from the Information System. They have carried out CSP activities since 27 April and ended on 21 May.

Group 117 Field Supervisor Lecturer, Jufridar MSM, praised the effectiveness of Group 117 activities in Geudong Alue. The CSP schedule officially starts on May 1, but a number of groups start earlier and that is justified. "So, Group 117 has more than enough time to complete the report, especially during Eid al-Fitr there are practically no activities," Jufridar said.[]

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