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Practicing Good Eating Habits
#### Hello Everyone,
*I hope you are having a lovely weekend, although most of us are home all time i believe there is more than we can still do to entertain ourselves. Anyway today i want to share my thoughts on the foods we eat and how much effect they have on our bodies. I do hope you enjoy.*


#### Introduction
Most of us are very much away of the fact that what we eat make up who are or end up being but hardly do we take it into lots of consideration unless we want to go on a slimming course or a pathological condition forces us to change our diet or eat well or as directed by your physician. But eating healthy and well should be an everyday thing. It is as lots of nutritionist say that taking an apple a day would help keep the doctor away (due to the high anti-oxidant effect.). So what can we do to improve our diet?


#### Eating Habits, Vitamins and Other Nutrients
Our eating habits and the choice of foods that we eat has lot of variables that cause us or move us to eat what we eat. And before we can unlearn the bad we need to know and understand why we do what we do, so we can make better choices and decisions. Because it has to be a conscious effort if you are ever going to change the way you eat *(thus if is the bad route)* Some of the common factors that drive people's choices include education, economic status, culture, availability of food, religion, technology, values and health.  I believe this is much simple, considering the fact that some religious groups do not eat a particular kind of food, lets say pork, such individuals will avoid any of such foods, then also we have the vegetarians, and then there those that want their food fast and so would prefer fast foods etc. These and many more drive our eating habits.

But then eating should be more focused on health benefit more than everything else, because it is only when we are healthy that we can do all the other things we so much like to do. So as much as we let our preference determine our choices we should strive to ensure that what we eat is healthy. 


**So how do we eat?**, every food we take in has either one or more of these food compositions; carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water etc. This has required quantities that the body requires and it is the balance that ensures a healthy leaving. Whiles vitamins and minerals are needed in small quantities, they are essential to ensuring a strong immune system and better functioning system.


It is recommended that we eat following the recommended dietary allowance which covers about 98% of the populations dietary needs thus reducing the chances of nutritional deficiencies. *(Find below the image with delineations of this)* It is recommended that we take in at least 8 glasses of water everyday, 6 servings of cereal through the day, 3 servings of vegetables, 3 servings of milk, yoghurt and cheese and have some amount of fats and oil in our diet.


#### Conclusion
Whiles we strive to eat, in our modern world food supplements have become so much common as most people tend not to eat well or healthy however we should be mindful, since too much of some nutrients could actually harm us and then there is the idea of taking lots of vitamins which many do not consider to ever be detrimental. But as the universal rule goes, too much of everything is bad, and even with healthy vitamins there is an upper tolerable levels that the body can keep up with after which things start to go south. So be particular with what you eat, ensure you eat healthy and more balanced and you may probably not have to visit the hospital because you are sick in a long time.

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