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Music Club: Supper way to teach mathematics and remembering by bishopntuk by bishopntuk

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· @bishopntuk ·
Music Club: Supper way to teach mathematics and remembering by bishopntuk
Hello steemians out there, welcome to class.
Today I will be teaching the importance of integrating music lessons into your  class due to the enormous benefits it has got to offer to the pupils. 


I was teaching  addition of numbers by number line and it seems like the pupils were sleeping on me, so an idea just came into my mind, "why don't you take them on a tour with the piano keyboard to help the with the numbers?'', I thought.

Of course I couldn't resist the prompt.  Guess what? We had just about 10 minutes in the computer lab where I showed them fingering of the notes on the piano keyboard, each pupil took turns to play the musical notes: d:r:m:s:f:l:t:d, and  and just like magic the pupils were so happy to play the notes in the  C octave starting with their thumb.

We returned to the class after the short music exercise and I was surprise that music could actually motivate and spur up retention of information. My pupils got their sums right. 

What a world. I am grateful to God for  that intuition cause it helped me reach out to all the pupils and captured their attention for the lesson. 

And right now I am considering having a music club specifically for pupils in my class to keep them busy, activate their brain as well as help break boredom in class. 

I strongly recommend that you look out for things that captures your learners attention. It could be a supper way of catching them young.

![steemeducation logo.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmRhKndgxCef6unNfWz4sQfsUR9tMsB6BYrYSqP1TLoW5v/steemeducation%20logo.png)
This is my own way of encouraging teaching/learning of mathematics ans I'm sure that it's a significant contribution to the education community. Feel free to ask questions and suggestions in the comment section. 

_Thank you for reading my post, do have a great day ahead._
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