Learning process for children to learn to eat alone - Part II by cindycam

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Learning process for children to learn to eat alone - Part II
Learning to coordinate and bring food directly to the mouth is a process in the development and growth stage of children, in childhood.

Teaching children to feed themselves is a good example of autotomy, where the child learns to act without the adult always having to do things for him; It is very important that in this process the child is taught the rules and things they can do on their own.


When children advance in the process of learning to put food in their mouths, not only with their hands, but also with silverware, which play one of the most important roles, they are making the child aware of their actions.

Learning just begins, and it is that for them the new may not be very easy or simple to do, but if the cutlery is striking, then learning will be easier.


All cutlery should be included in the child's chronological age, even if they are very small, adapt them to the one that best favors them and when they grow up, use others that are more adapted to their stage, remember that children often act like adults and imitate consciously and unconsciously what parents, guardians or teachers do is normal, so it is also a way to teach them how to do things.

## When to use metal cutlery with children?

This step is taken when the child is already progressing in the learning process of bringing the food to the mouth by itself, so as not to get hurt with the cutlery when eating, since it is noticeable that the cutlery no longer cause any harm; It is important that it is used at an appropriate age, the (04) four years, it is a fairly mature age in the child, to be able to eat with metal cutlery.


It is understandable that at this age of (04) four years, even the child throws tantrums and does not want to eat, it is a disaster at breakfast, lunch or dinner and the child only wants to play or is distracted by something, but the methods y Strategies should be applied to help the child gain interest in food.


- Colorful dishes.
- Cutlery with shapes.
- Flashy meals in different ways.

Children are very visual and perceptive, the idea is to make the child want to eat, and to do it alone, without interruptions and with cutlery.


When cutlery is made of metal, it is harder and is used when the child already has more precision to grip, even though forks, for example, can have a rounded tip, to feel more secure, when leaving the child eating alone , if the representative wants it that way.

It is important to take into account the details of the cutlery, so that the child is not hurt, and in itself, the cutlery that adults use is much larger, so children have a harder time learning to use them.


Teaching children to eat by themselves should not be something tedious but something fun, motivate them with the shaped cutlery, cutlery that are for children, with which they can not hurt themselves. Always be aware of how children use cutlery, but giving them space to do so.


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