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PARENTS SCHOOL: Importance of creativity and child development
<center>*Hello, welcome to my blog "I love to educate", it was created for educational purposes. Provide support to teachers, students and parents in the teaching-learning process, facilitating the completion of school activities.*</center>


Creativity is a unique activity. The result of creativity can be ***a drawing, a poem, an unusual plate, crafts***: inspiration is expressed in different things, it is unique, not only for the author, but sometimes for all of humanity.
Children's creativity differs from a similar process of adults and has its own characteristics. It is not intended to create an exceptional product: the child creates for the process itself, expressing itself in this activity or getting rid of stress and fear, or distracting itself from negative emotions.

## Creativity and child development
The positive impact of creativity on the child's personality is difficult to overestimate. By sending inspiration, children learn the world, learn self-expression, notice details, and highlight the main thing. And they learn to listen and listen to themselves: their feelings, thoughts, desires.

### Creativity has a complex effect on a child's development:
- Develops fine motor skills, contributes to intellectual development;
- Aesthetically. It forms an artistic and emotional perception of the world;
- Self-awareness and self-esteem are formed, self-perception, own needs and desires;
- All mental processes are developed: thought, imagination, memory, perception. The concentration of voluntary attention increases;
- The child's self-realization in the creativity process favorably affects his psychological comfort.

The first manifestations of creative activity can be noticed quite early, as early as six months, if, of course, we create the appropriate conditions for this.

> If you give your child freedom of activity with paints, you can see how keenly he will manipulate colors and lines, developing imagination and independence.

It is important to create conditions and, together with the child, choose a direction for creative activity.

## We create conditions for children's creativity.
A small child will be interested in everything. But it is better to start with painting.
- Until the year, the baby is interested in paintings. They are shiny and leave a mark everywhere. It is true that porridge, jam, juice can play the role of paints, and fingers are quite suitable instead of a brush. This period must be experienced, not interrupted by the desire to draw.

During this period, music is also of great importance. What we call "dancing" is free movement to music. A child does not copy someone's movements, he is not afraid of looking ugly. He simply expresses himself in music. And here it is important to form the correct musical taste from childhood.

- From one year to three years, a child can already draw on a sheet. It still does not reproduce the world around it, but in its doodles and blots you can recognize mom, dad, friends, home and much more. The choice of colors, depending on the mood. During this period, the baby already begins to build and create something, and also actively sings and moves with music.

- From three to five years old, a child is happy to undertake any kind of creativity. He likes everything, but without getting a quick result, it "cools" easily. Therefore, you must choose the types of creativity available to children under the guidance of experienced teachers. Complex art must be left for later. 
At this age, the ability for theatrical art begins to manifest itself. All children learn poetry during the holidays, but only a few surprisingly express intonation. At this age, you should offer children opportunities for technical creativity.

- After five years, it is generally clear what is most interesting for the child. It is important to pay attention to the development of children's imagination, self-manifestation. Learning creative techniques should be discreet. Each child's success should be encouraged, but deficiencies should be noted and discussed. The child must form a proper attitude towards creativity and objective self-esteem.

Creative development takes place both at home and in special development studios. But, wherever the child is involved, the support of his loved ones is extremely important to him. Praising, pointing out faults, helping and praising again is the parents' task. We are the first viewers, fans and critics.

***It is recommended that you provide young children with experienced teachers who teach your child a variety of techniques and methods to master. In the process of trial and error, the child will surely find for himself something very close and dear: that identifies with his personality.***

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Es fundamental que los maestros exploren la creatividad como herramienta para el desarrollo de las capacidades de los niños. Eso los moldeara para su vida futura. Felicitaciones por ese enfoque pedagógico tan necesario, que algunos teníamos olvidado. aliriera
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