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PARENTS SCHOOL: Road safety tips for children.
<center>*Hello, welcome to my blog "I love to educate", it was created for educational purposes. Provide support to teachers, students and parents in the teaching-learning process, facilitating the completion of school activities.*</center>


Probably everyone at least once saw a baby running to the street in search of the ball, or in a school for schoolchildren to cross the street, without paying attention to the red traffic signal.

Even the most experienced driver may not have time to brake in such a situation. Therefore, you should begin to study the basic rules of road safety with your child at a very young age.

## Talking about the rules.
Children don't like rules, and especially they don't like to be taught. If you hold serious classes on the study of traffic rules, then most of the information the child will probably not learn.

It is much easier to teach a child to use the game. Today you can find many interesting and accessible training materials presented in the form of:

- picture books;
- cartoons and videos;
- table games;
- computer simulation games.

The rules can be remembered with the help of poems and songs, using parallel images that illustrate typical situations along the way.

### You can develop knowledge about toys:
A visual representation of the material helps children learn it faster and to a greater extent.

The study of traffic regulations has an important place in kindergarten programs. Classes are also taught in the form of a game or educational materials. Sometimes educators organize contests and quizzes to consolidate knowledge and put it into practice.

Of course, the most effective method of teaching child traffic rules is a personal example from mom and dad. When walking, always follow the rules so that the child follows this behavior on the road and becomes the norm.

In parallel, talk about the established signs that regulate traffic, the need to cross the street exclusively in designated places, and be sure to look around. If you see a pedestrian violating traffic regulations, point out your mistakes and explain to the child why this should not be done.

## What do you need to know about preschool traffic regulations?

### Parents should understand that 3-5 year olds. 
Are still unable to objectively assess the situation on the road. 
They distinguish a moving machine from a parked machine, but cannot even roughly understand its speed of movement.

Consequently, road safety for children is determined by the knowledge that a preschool child can obtain from their parents.

### By the age of 6, children should already know the following rules:

- The path is not a playground. Even if the ball rolls, or the machine accidentally goes out, you can't run out onto the road. And you can't play on the road, even if the cars rarely drive, this is very dangerous.

- You must cross the road carefully and only at the crosswalk. Tell your child what the crosswalk or road marking and the special traffic sign are for. And explain that, before crossing, you should look carefully and make sure that the cars actually stopped before crossing the street.

If the view of the road is limited, you must cross elsewhere. Even a car parked on the sidewalk can limit the visibility of passing drivers; they may just not notice a small pedestrian. You cannot get around the buses at the bus stop, you must find the closest pass.

- In parking lots, you cannot stop near and especially behind cars. Due to the small growth of children, the driver cannot see them in the rearview mirror during the exit of the parking lot.

- When riding a bicycle, you do not have to go through the crosswalk, but walk with the bicycle at your side. This rule is ignored for some reason even by many adults, although its observance is mandatory.

> It is also important to teach a child when to cross the street at crosswalks, and to do it calmly.


- While walking on the sidewalk located in the immediate vicinity of the roadway, you cannot play, run or run away from your parents; this is riddled with unpleasant incidents and in winter this is especially dangerous because it can slip.

Parents who walk with children should always hold their hand when crossing the road and near the roadway. The child is easily distracted, so they may simply not notice a passing car or suddenly jump onto the road.

When driving a car, you must take care of the safety of children. But here it is enough to observe the only rule: a child can only be transported in a child seat.

***Incidents with preschool children on the roads, unfortunately, occur very frequently. Therefore, parents are required to explain to children how to behave on the road, while demonstrating a personal example. Remember that child safety is highly dependent on your child's awareness of correct behavior near the road.***

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*Another way that children can be taught to be careful near the road?*

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Safeguarding children is very important in our lives, They are our future leaders. Thanks for your commitment sharing with us.
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