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polar bear (Videos for children) by deisip67

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polar bear (Videos for children)
<center>*Hello friends, welcome to **"I love to educate"** is a blog created for educational purposes. To provide support to teachers, students and parents in the teaching-learning process, facilitating the completion of school activities.*</center>


The polar bear is a species of carnivorous mammal in the bear family and, along with its cousin, the Kodiak bear, one of the largest terrestrial carnivores on Earth.
The body weight of a polar bear can reach 800 kg. The average weight of the male is 400-450 kg, the female is 350-380 kg. Body length: for males - 200-250 cm, for females - 160-250 cm. Height at the withers - 130-150 cm. The white color of the coat is characteristic of the species.

The polar bear is a skilled hunter. He has very well developed vision, smell and hearing. Its main prey is two numerous species of arctic seals: ringed seal and lahtak (sea hare).

Polar bears use different methods to hunt seals: they observe holes in the ice, through which seals go on vacation, catch seals in the winter in snow holes, crawl and attack from the water. The powerful power of the polar bear allows him to hunt not only seals, but also the most serious opponents: the walrus and the beluga (Arctic white whale).

### Where does polar bears live?

These are the northern inhabitants, who live in the Arctic regions, on the continental shelf along the periphery of the Arctic Ocean. A bear generally sticks to the territory of the perennial ice packs and, under the right conditions, can even make it to the North Pole.

It would be impossible for us to live there without shelter, but polar bears are built for the cold.

Bears generally live alone and do not form real social groups, although hierarchical relationships can be established between animals during forced meetings. They are quite peaceful in relation to each other.

The polar bear is the only major predator that still lives in natural conditions in its original territory.

> It is noteworthy that these animals are quite capable of reaching speeds of up to 10 km / h and without stopping to swim about 160 km. They also submerge very well and can stay underwater for about two minutes.

## Interesting data

Many of us believe that polar bears have white hair, but in reality this is not the case: animal hair, like hair, is transparent and completely colorless. And they seem white to us because inside each external hair there is an air bag. When a ray of light, consisting of all the colors of the rainbow, strikes the wool, the colors of the airbags are reflected and, when mixed, give a white color.

The polar bear does not freeze due to the thick layer of subcutaneous fat of about 10 cm on the back, the back of the body and the hips, as well as the very warm fur that keeps the heat released.

## Video to explain to children, polar bear life.


## Source
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