Comprehension Reading: Micheal and the Greedy Boy by evegrace

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Comprehension Reading: Micheal and the Greedy Boy

**Subject:** English Language
**Topic:** Comprehension
**Age:** 6-9 years
**Period:** Single
**Time:** 45 Minute
**Date:** May 15, 2020

**Before you read.** 
Do you know what it is to be greedy? You will read about a greedy boy in this passage.

A long time, a strange child was born. His name was Micheal. Micheal was born with many strange things. He was as small as a rat. He talked and walked the first day he was born.

On the naming day, he announced his own name. Everybody who came for the naming ceremony was surprised at the strange child. When it was time for people to eat and drink, Micheal jumped down from his mother's back. He took a long stick and began to beat everybody. As small as he was, he beat very strongly. He beat his father also.

After all the people had run away, Micheal ate the food and drank all the drinks that were provided. Micheal's parents were not happy about this. they planned to do something.

On the following day, Micheal's parents went to the wisest man near the village. The wise man promised to help them. He told them to come back the next day.

After Micheal's parents had left, the wise man thought very well on their problem. He said to himself, "Micheal is a strange child from the world of the demons." He also sought the advice of wise men like him.

Before Micheal's parents came the following day, the wise man had found a solution to their problem. He gave them large special leaf and a long rope. He asked them to spread the leaf on Micheal's bed. The leaf would cause him to oversleep. They would then call the wise man when they noticed Micheal had slept off.

The leaf worked well. As  soon as Micheal laid on his bed, he slept off. the wise man was sent for. he came and wrapped Micheal with the leaf and then tied him with the rope. the wise man asked his mother to go and throw him into the bush. Micheal's mother carried him into a nearby farm path and dropped him by the road. She quickly ran home.

In the meantime, three boys were going to the farm. They found the tied object on their way. They quickly picked it and put it in their basket they thought it was a valuable thing.

The greedy boy among them planned how he could have the whole thing to himself. He was walking behind the other two boys. He secretly put his hand in the basket, took the object and hid it in his inner pocket. All this while, Micheal was still sleeping. As they moved on, the greedy boy deliberately hit his leg against a tree. He staggered and fell.

The basket also flew off. He cried out. the other two boys ran back to him. they did not understand his plan. They lifted him up and helped him wipe off the dust on his clothes.

The greedy boy stood up and began to look for the object. the three boys searched and searched. They did not find it. They decided to forget about it, after all they did not know what was inside.

The greedy boy was happy. He thought his plan worked well. When they got to the farm, he secretly went into the bush. He loosed the rope and removed the leaf. This time Micheal woke up. He jumped up and started beating the greedy boy.

The greedy boy shouted and cried for help. Nobody could hear him because he went too far into the bush. At the end, the greedy boy was beaten to death.

1. What was the name of the strange child?
2. Who gave him the name?
3. When did he start talking?
4. What strange thing happened during his naming ceremony?
5. What did the wise man do when his parents told him about their child?
6. What was the effect of the leaf?
7. What happened to the greedy boy?
8. What did the wise man give to his parents?
9. How big was he?
10. What lesson have you learnt from the story?

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