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Clean behavior in children prevents COVID 19 by rokhani

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Clean behavior in children prevents COVID 19


<h1> <center> Clean behavior in children prevents COVID 19  </center> </h1>

Hello Steemian.
We often find dirty children. They came home to play immediately take food without washing hands. There are also those who play directly after school or various other )examples. Bad habits in children are usually influenced by the environment. The adults around them have the responsibility to be role models for children.
Meanwhile we also know that there is currently a lot of talk about the corona virus called COVID 19. News of the discovery of diseases caused by this virus begins with the fall of the Victim in Wuhan, China. Even the inventor of this new type of virus died as a result of being infected by virus which he found. The spread of the news of this virus has made many people panic so that in many countries there are many who lack masks to deny the corona virus attack.
whereas, if we get used to living clean and healthy we can prevent from corona virus attacks.
As parents, our teachers and goddesses must be able to give and be an example for children so they can behave cleanly and healthy to prevent various diseases, one of which is COVID 19.
Corona virus can be prevented by cleaning ourselves and the environment. for that there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself from COVID 19 exposure as follows.

<b> 1. Washing hands </b>
One of the best ways to keep your body clean is to wash your hands. This action is a very important pillar to build the habit of maintaining personal hygiene. We must teach children to wash their hands properly. Before and after eating, after playing in dirty places or touching animals, and after making contact with sick people.
In an effort to prevent COVID 19 washing your hands is better in running water and using soap for twenty seconds. With the right way the virus will stay away from us. Hand washing with a hand sanitizer is less effective than washing hands with running water and soap. Therefore, make it a habit for your child to use as little hand sanitizer as possible while running water and soap are available for washing hands.
Wet your hands with  water, pour soap and rub your hands starting from the palm of the hand, the back of the palm between the fingers and the tips of the nails. Make sure all parts of the hands are washed clean.

<b> 2. Bath </b>
Bathing is an effective effort to cleanse the body. Bathing with soap is able to cleanse the body of various impurities and avoid exposure to COVID 19. Use running water so that the dirt is carried away by running water. Use a dry towel to clean the body. After bathing the body will feel radiant fresh. The smell of sweat also disappears by changing the scent of bath soap.

<b> 3. Don't rub your eyes, hold  nose and mouth. </b>
Corona virus enters the body through the respiratory tract. Therefore we must teach children not to like rubbing eyes even though it feels itchy. we also shouldn't be too fond of holding our nose and mouth. this part of the body really allows the corona virus to enter the body.

<b> 4. Wear a mask </b>
Efforts to avoid  corona virus  is by wearing a mask. for health workers in hospitals must always guard themselves so as not exposed to this virus. if we want to go to another place that many people are advised to use a mask to avoid corona virus exposure. Use the mask properly so that we are effective in protecting ourselves. don't wear a mask just because you go along with it especially just a sensation.

All efforts must be carried out simultaneously by all parties concerned. Parents, teachers and all levels of society must be united against COVID 19 without being overwhelmed but also alert for sensation.
thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

<h1> <center>Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.</center> </h1>
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