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Tips for instilling good habits in children. by roseri

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Tips for instilling good habits in children.
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We are trying to instill useful habits in children, but we do not follow them ourselves. Of course, children will not take such advice seriously. Start with yourself.

Children look at their parents and learn from them their whole lives. As they grow up, children imitate their parents' behavior and actions in various situations. The habits of the parents also inevitably pass on to the children. Therefore, it is important for parents to teach children to distinguish good habits from bad and to choose good ones.

Good habits for children are very important for physical and mental health. If a person does not have a good habit, a bad one can take his place. For example: you don't like doing sports, which means that in your free time you allow yourself to be inactive in front of the television.

In addition, bad habits appear very quickly, since they do not need to be repaired, making efforts. Especially if we don't resist them. But building useful skills requires perseverance.

## Good habits for children have several types:

### - The rules of personal hygiene.
Without them, it is difficult to imagine the life of a normal person. From early childhood, you should teach your baby to brush his teeth at least twice a day, take a shower every day.

### - Doing sport.

We all know the benefits of exercise for the body, especially for children. Exercising every morning, weekly walks in the park, going to the pool and gym - all this will improve the well-being of your son or daughter.

### - Adequate balanced nutrition.
 Good nutrition promotes good digestion, metabolism, and generally improves mood.

### - Rules of etiquette.
An educated person will always be successful in his personal life and career. Elementary rules of decency and good manners will always help the child establish relationships with others.

### - House cleaning.
No parent wants their adult child to live in a dirty apartment with roaches and dust. Therefore, you should teach her how to clean first in her room, and then help her mother with household chores throughout the house.

## How do children form a good habit?

Parents need to know how to develop a good habit. Forming good habits in children is an important part of the educational process.

Adults should try so that the formation of a healthy habit is not associated with negative emotions. Do not scold the child for not doing something, do not force him rudely, do not compare him to other children. Otherwise, regular use of these methods will lead to the fact that the action of the baby that you want to make a habit, will cause negative feelings.

The consolidation of the habit must be accompanied by positive emotions, but must not give rise to material stimuli.

Your praise is enough, approval, smiles. You can also play with the child, pay attention: he will be happy with a fun game or a walk with mom and dad.

Don't instill several good habits at the same time. Act gradually, otherwise it will significantly reduce effectiveness, or perhaps you will not be able to achieve any results at all.

> When the child develops good habits, congratulate him, approve of his actions, and tell me how proud you are of him. The child must feel that he is doing everything right and that his future is bright and beautiful.

## Source for information
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