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Tips to help kids fight stress by roseri

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Tips to help kids fight stress
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We live in an era of speed: we are constantly in a hurry, we are running, we are not getting anywhere in time. And today, stress has become an integral part of everyone's life, not only adults, but also children.

And if short-term stresses on the body are even beneficial, prolonged stresses can cause various illnesses in the future. Therefore, each parent's task is to notice the child's stress symptoms on time and take steps to help prevent unpleasant consequences.

#### Child stress can manifest itself through physical or psychological symptoms that have no apparent reason. The most common are:

## Physical symptoms
- Belly pain and diarrhea;
- Headache;
- nausea
- Cold and sweaty hands;
- Lack or excess of appetite;
- Nocturnal enuresis (wetting the bed);
- Stuttering;
- Grind your teeth;
- tic disorder;
- Muscle tension;
- hyperactivity

## Psychological symptoms
- insomnia
- Aggression;
- Impatience;
- Disobedience;
- Unsafety
- Concern
- Anxiety
- Difficulty to socialize;
- Hypersensitivity;
- Nightmares;
- Fear
- excessive crying

> It is important to remember that various symptoms occur together. When they occur in isolation, they cannot be accurately interpreted as stress.

#### Tips to help children cope with stress

### 1.- It is very important to observe the daily routine.
First, sleep and wakefulness. If the child's restless sleep persists, breathing exercises and quiet games will help. Also, with children's insomnia, various types of creative activities (drawing, modeling, etc.) help, but it's best to turn off the TV as long as possible.

### 2.- Provide confidence and security.
It is very important to make it clear to the child that he is safe, that his close people are always there and ready to help. Take every convenient opportunity to hug your baby, hold her hand, say a warm word.

### 3.- Keep you informed of changes.
If the child has a change of scenery (moving, going to kindergarten, vacation), he should be prepared for this in advance. He constantly talks about what awaits him.

### 4.- Good food.
It is important to control the child's nutrition: he must receive a sufficient amount of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. The diet should have as much dietary fiber (fiber) as possible, which is rich in vegetables, fruits

### 5.- Perform exercises outdoors.
Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress at any age. Reasonable stress helps relieve emotional stress and increase a child's stress resistance.

>> Overdoing the amount of responsibilities delegated to the child, making excessive demands and criticism lead to an emotional lack of control and stress. In addition, changes in the family context and problems within the home can also affect it. Be careful.

## Source for information:
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