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A Padded World // Without A Net by freedompoint

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· @freedompoint ·
A Padded World // Without A Net

I am always aware of the world that we live in, and one thing I have definitely noticed is how the world is trying to be "safe".

Everywhere you look there is a new toy made out of foam. Whatever happened to metal and wooded toys. Whatever happened to things that could smash your finger, or stub your toe.

I remember when I was a kid I had metal tonka trucks. Not only could I build small stuff and haul dirt, but I could even smash and sometimes cut my fingers.

That is almost the finest example of what childhood was for me. Riding bikes with no helmets. Scabbed knees. Dirt.

With the passing of time also came the softening of our children. I get it...some people actually got really hurt, and they didn't want their kid to go through that too. It seems like that had a huge ripple effect through society, and has made life seems less like an experience and more like an something something we endure.

I have taken a stance for myself. I play without a net. Shoot, I live without a net. Accidents may happen, but ignorances really does have consequences. We only learn those lessons through the experience.

Lately, I have gotten a pretty solid reminder of all of this while we play frisbee. Sometimes you jump up for the perfect grab, and the frisbee blasts the tils of your fingers.

Maybe you jump and land funny on your ankle, or trip and fall. Yeah, those things happen all the time, but I am not slowing down or padding up. Life is happening.

I would rather get blasted in the teeth by a 175g frisbee that someone else threw intentionally at me than to live too cautiously to try.

Life happening. Freefolk! 

Be well
~The Yeti

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