YOU DON"T KNOW JACK (2010) - Al Pacino's lesser famous Television Movie by praveenw96

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YOU DON"T KNOW JACK (2010) - Al Pacino's lesser famous Television Movie
You Don’t Know Jack (2010)
Dir: Barry Levinson 

My Rating - 4/5

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God da8n, this was hard to watch. This revolves around a very sensitive subject, suicide. Not just suicides but doctor-assisted suicides, assisted by a doctor who is trying to do the god’s work. 

Found this hidden gem while browsing through Al Pacino’s filmography. I think this was buried from his other performances because this is a TV movie done by HBO. I am pretty sure that this is one of the finest performances I have seen from his legendary acts. Just imagine Tony Montana being a doctor. 

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As I said, the plot is quite controversial and it happened for real, FOR REAL. Never thought this was going to be so much emotional and debatable movie. Some of those patients telling their grievance, telling that they have had enough was extremely hard to watch. Barry Levinson tried to catch the audience with heart and emotions, he succeeded. 

Pacino’s performance as Doctor Jack K-I-don’t-remember-the-rest is so magnificent. I personally love his personality. All the energy Pacino had with his character surely made this movie quite interesting. Not only Pacino, but I must also say that Danny Huston did a great job as a lawyer too. It is really hard to be on par with Pacino level, but I think Danny Huston came bit close in this. I freaking adore energetic, witty and prideful lawyer characters who always win. 

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The last act of the movie is like a courtroom drama. As far as I know this is the second time Al Pacino confronts a jury (after …And Justice For All). Even though it didn’t end as I expected It was a very intriguing trial. The movie ended with several unanswered questions. Was Jack right? Did any human in an unbearable pain have the right to take decisions about their own life? It is all about ethics and shit, nobody knows (especially Jack) the right answer though we have our own opinions. What Jack tried to do was to break the normal flow of life, but the others were not ready to do so.
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