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THE DIARY GAME : 08/10/2020 by mazedulislammasu

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THE DIARY GAME : 08/10/2020
Today my body is very bad. Because I did not sleep at night. Went to a friend's wedding at night. We are five friends. We go to a friend's house first. He let us sit there on the way. Then the friend's mother gave us breakfast. There were breakfast items. For example, there were apples, oranges, bananas, sweets, chanachur, cakes, biscuits, grapes and many more. The friend's wedding came after breakfast. When he came, he said, "You are coming." He also said that the car was coming. You have to go to your wife's house. And I'm a little busy. Talking to you later. We also said there is no problem. You do your job We are here and call us if needed. He said well.

# <center>My son, W8FV+4P Bhadai</center>

Then he went to work. We are talking to five friends. After a while he came to the friend's wedding and said. You are ready. We said yes. He said let's get in the car. We got up and headed for the car. We went to the car and stood there. We had six cars to go to our friend's house.

Then everyone got in the car. We also got in the car and the groom's friend got up with us. Now we all went to my wife's house. It was ten o'clock at night. And we went to his wife's house at twelve o'clock at night. After going there, the groom was taken down. He also told us to come. We also went with the groom. He took us and let us sit.

Then he gave us breakfast. After breakfast Mr. Kazi started teaching marriage. After finishing the work of teaching marriage, he gave us dinner. Then at 2.30 pm. There is a lot of hunger in the stomach. The wedding house so I could not tell anyone before. We all sat down to eat together. I finished eating and sat down. After a while, everyone in the bride's house became acquainted with everyone in the groom's house.

Then the wife's parents put her in the car. The groom and the car got up. Then we all got in the car. The car left the bride's house at four in the morning and reached the groom's house at 5.30 in the morning. So I didn't sleep tonight.

So I have not been able to do any work since morning So whatever I was doing at night So I shared.

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লেখার সম্পর্কে একটি ছবি দিলে ভালো হতো।
#onepercent #bangladesh
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