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The diary game : 10/10/2020 by rafiuzzaman

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· @rafiuzzaman ·
The diary game : 10/10/2020
Today is Saturday. I woke up a little late this morning. So, I quickly washed my hands and face and ate breakfast.

## <center>Candlelight</center>

Then I took out my bicycle. I go to private by bicycle. I quickly went to study in private. Although the mind did not want. Still I went private. Today I went to private too late.

I saw it was raining outside like yesterday. So, sir he could sleep a little more. So, it was too late today to teach privately. So, I sat down and read the books. Then came sir.

I came home after reading. I came home and ate rice. After that I pressed my mobile a little. I run Facebook on my mobile. I talk to my friends on Facebook.

Then I watched a little TV. Mom said she would go to Grandma's there. So, I stayed at home. I started watching TV.

Around noon I went to my uncle's house. The uncle's daughter said, "Brother, make me a speedboard with sola." So, I made him a speedboard. The sister called her father again and asked him to bring a pea so that it could run in the water.

Then I came home and took a bath. Then I prayed. I ate rice.

Then I did a little writing. I sit down and practice writing short poems and short stories from time to time. Although it is not good. Still I try. What happens if you try.

Then I pressed the mobile. I edited some pictures. I like to edit pictures. I edit pictures whenever I have time.

I went out in the afternoon after prayers. I saw my favorite goat walking behind me so I put a rope around its neck and walked out. Then I got a guava from the tree. I ate the guava.

Then I came home in the evening. After that I ate something light and prayed Maghrib prayers. Then I sat down to read. I will study till 11 o'clock Then I will eat dinner.

Then I will recite Esha prayers. Then I will go to bed.

That's how I spend my whole day.


Thank you
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