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Extropia’s Retro-gaming: Peter Beardsley’s Football by extie-dasilva

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Extropia’s Retro-gaming: Peter Beardsley’s Football
Extropia’s Retro-Gaming: ‘Peter Beardsley’s Football’.

Long before Fifa treated videogamers to a version of football that could be played on a console, we had to make do with the likes of Peter Beardsely’s Football.


This version of the beautiful game was published by Grandslam and released for the Amiga in 1989. In some ways, it resembled those Fifa games mentioned at the start. Most obviously, the game did not simulate the experience of being a footballer on the pitch, but rather recreated the visuals of a match being broadcast on the TV, with the added twist that you, the player, took control of the team.

Now, for obvious reasons, it’s usually the case that whichever player is closest to the ball will be the one you currently control. This seemed not to be the case in PBS Football, and the result was that you could pass the ball to a teammate, and sometimes he would just stand still with his hands on his hips, unresponsive to your commands.


This was not the only odd thing to happen. Every now and then the computer-controlled team would just decide to stop playing and wouldn’t let you play either, meaning there was no choice but to let the clock run down before you could continue.

Obviously, such faults made this a far less playable game than it otherwise might have been. This was a shame, because when things were running without these glitches this was a fairly decent game. It was straightforward to play, and you could pass and shoot with different degrees of power by holding down the fire button for longer in order to execute increasingly powerful shots. And, for its day, it had very nice graphics.

But, really, there was no excuse for getting such basics as “always ensure that the player nearest the ball is the one the gamer controls”, so if this videogame recreation of football has been consigned to the dustbin of history, it only has itself to blame.

Thanks to Grandslam for the Images
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