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PSA: "Communities Feedback" != "Random Spam" by alphacore

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· @alphacore · (edited)
PSA: "Communities Feedback" != "Random Spam"

Please read ^title^ several hundred times if needed.
Words mean things.
Thank you.

Actual feedback, 
even though admin is gone:
**Need better activity logs**!
People need a utility to find posts that have people actively commenting on them without remembering the number of comments that the post had the last time the page was loaded (or other silly methods). If page loads and comments are 10, then it becoming 11 a while later should have a little green ['[11]'](https://steemit.com/hive-144703/@alphacore/psa-communities-feedback-random-spam)  to indicate something new. 
This would make things a lot more lively,
and call attention towards activity. 

Maybe this can happen sometime in the *future, steemit?*
(Not for 'reply notifications', but ALL activity.)
Think about the way a forum works!

Anyway, this **feedback community** area having no actual feedback and all random posts is very annoying to me, so I'm putting this at the top as pseudo-pinned. I will not *"attack"* you for posting unrelated stuff, but you're probably not going to get any upvotes either, because a completely unrelated post screams *'spam'* to everyone at a glance. 

Listen, it does not matter if you put 1000 hours into the most epic post ever, if someone looks at a glance it is very hard to imagine you put ANY effort into the post itself, if you did not also *think for 30+ seconds* to find a better place to post it (basically anywhere). This community was made for development-centric feedback related to the communities feature itself and its functions, for requested features and bug testing, technical and design, it is NOT a place to post a picture you think is cool or anything else so astoundingly unrelated that it becomes painful to even look at. 

**Please try to find better places to post all of these random topics**, 

and for that matter, 

**please treat communities in general with more respect than what has been demonstrated here** - the guy that made communities is a legend and you are disgracing his legacy. 


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@vro29-34k ·
i love reading your alphacore rants but why have you not done a rant on chess evolved balance, I'm sure you would have a lot of material :)

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