Its Free Money, and Its SafePal. by alt-runner

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Its Free Money, and Its SafePal.
#### What Is SafePal

Safepal is a crypto project which provide hardware and software wallet for its customers. What makes it unique is that we can hold, trade, and swap tour asset through SafePal App without ever moving our fund out of the wallet itself. 

The project itself started in 2018 and get investment from binance. It has its own token called SFP its has been a hype since the airdrop programs and being listed on binance.

The wallet is supporting several NFTs standart, like ERC721 and ERC1155 and also BSC NFT standart. If you are into the NFT hype, then this software wallet is convenient to use.
#### Free TKO and SFP and Its safe
The latest SafePal innovation is doing some unique airdrop program in Collaboration with Tokocrypto, a registered Indonesian Exchange. TokoCrypto is a binance invested exchanged, sama as SafePal, with the same investment, they are issuing utility token called TKO.

Download and register on the SafePal Wallet app, so that you can join the airdrop program.
if you don't mind, use my reference program below.


#### Airdrop Distribution Type
The distribution Type for the airdrop Reward pool are based on the share that we have. there are several task that can be done. like joining telegrams group or making quote tweet from the designated official tweet, each task will reward in 0.2 shares. 

The biggest share is only for Indonesian who has verified Tokocrypto account, which given 3 share, but you also only able to participate if you hold atleast 20 SFP in the SafePal wallet.

Will you participate in the event?
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