Will Bitcoin Still Be The Average People's Money? by alt-runner

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Will Bitcoin Still Be The Average People's Money?
## Bitcoin Keeps Pumping
I believe most of the people who has a hand on crypto currency must be really happy to see a green candle on the bitcoin chart, as it usually means the value of the portfolio are rising. Its price now comfortably sitting above $50.000 a price which no one might be predicting when it released first time by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Bitcoin price pump might not be really possible if not with the help of several big institutional money who has a big interest of this so called Digital Gold. But something tickles me, will it really beneficial for all of us in the future? or will there be a better coin produce to match bitcoin?



## Institutional are in for The Big Profit

we are all here for the sake of profit for the investment that we have done toward bitcoin and crypto in general. Those big institution and famous people interest on bitcoin also giving more exposure to the crypto image. Elon Musk of Tesla, Greyscale and Microstrategy has really have  huge impact in the recent exposure.

More news stating that those institution are spending billions of dollar to buy bitcoin making them as some of the people who owns lots of bitcoin. But are they in to follow Satoshi Nakamoto's Vision to make bitcoin as a free money without the use of third party, or they already orchestrated something big in the future for their own profit?

We also knew that when these guys are investing something worth Billions they might also aiming to make Billions of profit for its investment. I am just a bit nervous that they will use Bitcoin as a means to siphon the average people money.


## How can we benefited from the current situation

I am not a tech person or a person with a great knowledge of economic or crypto. But I do wish that more and more other project are emerging to take the opportunity while the big institution are accumulating bitcoin. so that when most of the bitcoin are owned by those big guy, we has already have other project that match bitcoin and really being hold by a the greater world population, not just by those big buy with seemingly unlimited money.

So what do you think?

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