Bitcoin continues tracking along very nicely post Halving | ☀☀ 28 / April / 2021 ☀☀ by amer4058

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Bitcoin continues tracking along very nicely post Halving | ☀☀ 28 / April / 2021 ☀☀
# Hello steemians

#### So how are you guys hoping that everyone will be healthy and your family too.

# Bitcoin is doing what it has done in the last few years.


How does bitcoin stir and how does emerges post halving that is clearly visible on the chart below.

Once Bitcoin sales are down, it gets back  more growth in the next 12-18 months.

Right now the rate of bitcoin is in its right place and currently bitcoin is at its peak

It seems like that what bitcoin wants that's a dream, But I think Bitcoin has so much potential that it will achieve its dream.




We are just barely below the 'average' line of the past two halving cycles.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, we briefly grew on top of that.

If we continue to go along with it, I think maybe on or around May 15, the price of bitcoin will be $ 100k

Bitcoin hit the last price point on the chart, but it hit it a few weeks later, which would mean that perhaps bitcoin hits $100k, but it happens several weeks later than that May 20th date might suggest.

The really neat thing about this pattern and current trend is that if it keeps following it like it is, we are looking at a price of $387k somewhere around May, or a price of $286k somewhere around October.

Personally, where we now I think these two numbers are far away , so I don't count it but Bitcoin has the ability to touch it.

I am thinking that till next year $200k will be reached, this is just my guess.

What do you think?

Stay informed my friends. Stay safe

I took some information from [ Google ]( and  [ steemit ](
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