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The historical monuments of Trani by claudio83

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· @claudio83 ·
The historical monuments of Trani
The historic center of the city of Trani houses some monuments of great historical, cultural and religious importance. Here is the Scolanova Synagogue, a place of worship for Jewish religious, where they can meet and pray together. The church is located in Piazza Scolanova, a small pedestrian square, where tourists crowd the small streets to discover small jewels such as the synagogue. In summer, some local restaurateurs invade the square with tables and music in the evening hours, in the name of celebration and harmony.





A few steps you reach the sea and here there are two important historical structures: the Swabian Castle and the Cathedral or Duomo.



The castle, built in the 13th century AD it was an imposing fortress, solid and difficult to conquer both from the sea and from the land. Over the years the castle has undergone changes in its use: from the home of noble families to a place of detention, finally to today it has become a tourist center of prime importance.




The cathedral instead dates back to the 11th century AD, built in Romanesque style, in which the subject is the local white limestone. The tower is over 50 meters high and was built later than the church. Inside there are 3 churches, located on 3 distinct levels, from the oldest, present below sea level, to the most recent, the large church which is located on the highest level and accessible through the stairs both from the outside and from the inside.


The cathedral is also called the queen of the Apulian cathedrals because it is located by the sea and seems to watch over and peer all from the height of its might!
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