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About Casper & Gambini's - A Lit Brunch by dante31

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· @dante31 ·
About Casper & Gambini's - A Lit Brunch

             It was a bright day with clear skies. This was before the global pandemic so movements weren't restricted. I was with friends and family when we decided to hit this amazing place in Victoria Island, Lagos. 
Our friends got married so we had a mini reception. It's was a court marriage before the main white wedding. In Nigeria, you need to get wedded by the ministry of interior were you get a legal bidding certificate. After which you could decide to have a white wedding & traditional wedding. The traditional wedding are usually very lit especially in south-west Nigeria where I am from.  `Dante is here no fear`

#### **Let's Jump right in**

I love to see writings on the wall whether it's graffiti, paints or signage. It doesn't really matter. It gives the place a sense of being alive. I felt the energies through the walls. The lightning and ambient are one of a kind.



We all got seated checking through the food and drinks menu.


Whenever I got to a restaurant I like to try something new but I have this thing. It's my thing. If they can't make good fries and chicken then they can't wow you. Most restaurants I visit - fries are the usual suspects. Anyway, I went through the menu and boy it was so much work. I opted for fries with BBQ wings. Don't wanna pick a meal I'm not familiar with. Besides I was hungry.

While we waited for our orders, we were served some starters.


The fry shaped dessert is crunchy and tastes like biscuit while the fluffy roll is soft in the inside but crispy on the outside. The dipping was very salty. It complemented both the roll and biscuit.*p.s* I didn't fancy the dipping. 


Jameson Irish whisky with ice was all I needed. It's smooth and soft. It's easy on the tongue at every sip.


Brunch arrived in style. I loved every bit of it. The fries were cooked just right as well as the BBQ chicken wings.

Casper & Gambini's is a very cool place to have brunch & dinner with someone or a group of few friends. It has a friendly feel & the staffs are professional. 

<center>**Ratings - 4/5 stars**</center>

<center>Hospitality - 4/5</centres>
<center>Food - 4/5</center>
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